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Dear Parent,

Idyllwild Arts was founded, built, and is sustained today by the power of philanthropy. Generous support from our Board Members, Alumni, Parents, Foundations, Faculty and Staff, and Friends ensures that our mission can continue to thrive. Each year, we work to fundraise over $2.5 million in order to support the campus and programs offered at Idyllwild Arts – it is the difference between good and transformational.

Your student receives pre-professional training in the arts and a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with a diverse student body of gifted young artists from all over the world. Your contribution directly supports your student becoming a part of this worldwide community of artists.

Through gifts to the Annual Fund, you are supporting the extraordinary people and programs that make Idyllwild Arts so magical. This means talented teachers, small classes, academic and arts resources, adjustments for different learning styles, and exceptional offerings in the arts. This translates to personal attention, increased intellectual motivation, and more rigor while preparing for entry to the best universities, conservatories, and art schools.

Gifts to the Annual Fund are necessary as tuition only covers a portion of the opportunities your student receives. Inevitably, these special offerings which prepare students for 21st century learning increase the budget. So – just as all independent schools do – Idyllwild Arts requires additional financial support and parent participation is critical.

Today marks the launch of the Idyllwild Arts 100 Days for 100% Participation. Every family’s participation is vital, and we are hoping to have your support by December 31, 2017 – just 100 days away! Gifts of all sizes make a difference.

Each year we rely on generous donations from hundreds of supporters to operate, to grow, and to thrive. Extraordinary things happen here at Idyllwild Arts. We are grateful to have your support each year to help fund:

  • Scholarships that bring together young people who desperately crave to be challenged in an environment of like-minded student artists. Our commitment to artistic and cultural development knows no bounds.
  • Two faculties – arts and academic – along with guest artists teaching master classes that truly inspire and leave an impact.
  • Our beautiful 205-acre campus and transforming over 50 classrooms, performance spaces, dorms, and offices into a 21st century learning spaces.
  • Free public performances on campus, community outreach programs, unique learning opportunities through Arts Enterprise Laboratory, creative technology, and much more.

I am so grateful to be a part of this magical place where art lives in the heart of each person who visits. Please join me and the rest of the Idyllwild Arts community to shape the next generation of citizen artists with your donation today. Our goal is 100% parent participation and any amount you can give will be deeply appreciated.


Palencia Turner
Chief Development Officer, Idyllwild Arts

P.S. Idyllwild Arts is a truly unique place. Your gift spreads the love of art throughout the world with our artists and audience members. Remember, your donation to the Annual Fund helps us reach 100% participation.

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