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A Message To Our Visitors

Summer & Auxiliary Programs

We are thrilled to announce that we will be offering in-person workshops on our beautiful Idyllwild campus this summer! We will be offering fewer workshops due to the new safety limitations on gatherings, but will continue our tradition of offering the highest caliber programs and intensives for the experience of a lifetime. We will be offering Teen, Adult and Native American Arts workshops this summer.


Idyllwild Arts Academy is committed to offering all of our programs on campus for the upcoming school year. COVID-19 precautions will depend on evolving guidance from the State of California and the Riverside County Department of Health. We had most of our students on campus for the past school year, and were able to keep our community healthy and safe. There were no cases of community spread of COVID-19 among our students or staff, and we plan to apply what we learned about COVID-19 precautions for the upcoming school year.
Based on current COVID-19 metrics in our area and anticipated guidance, we are planning for the following:
  • In-person classes
  • Masks will only be required indoors and at outdoor events where students and/or staff are close to each other.
  • Boarding students will not be required to wear masks in their dorm rooms
  • Social distancing in classrooms and shared indoor spaces
  • Day students will be allowed on campus and in the dorm common areas
  • Boarding students will be placed in the dorms as they were before the pandemic, when we grouped them loosely based on age and on housing questionnaires filled out over the summer where they can request roommates
  • In-person meal service in the dining hall, with the option for to-go meals
  • Field trips
  • Town privileges, where boarding students will be allowed to go into town on certain days of the week
  • Students will be allowed to leave campus on certain weekends, with parent approval for things like trips home, college auditions, etc.
  • Audiences will be allowed at events
  • Students may be required to provide recent negative COVID-19 test results before arrival
We are not currently planning to require COVID-19 vaccines for students or staff, but are strongly encouraging everyone in our community to get one of the vaccines that is approved in the United States to help keep our community as safe and healthy as possible. Some of the plans mentioned above may be modified based on vaccination rates in the community. Additionally, community members who are not vaccinated may be subject to COVID-19 surveillance testing.
Please note that all of the plans mentioned above may change if the COVID-19 situation and/or guidance in our area changes dramatically as we prepare for the upcoming year.
We are offering in-person tours of campus for prospective families, but have also developed creative online ways to communicate our passion for our Academy and Summer Program. To learn more about our programs, please contact Tara Sechrest at or 951-468-7223, or Summer Program registration at 951-659-2171 x2360
SAT Testing Information

The November 7th SAT at Idyllwild Arts has been cancelled. We will not be hosting the SAT this fall.


The CDC recommends the following:

We have assembled a Crisis Management Team composed of Senior Leadership and selected board members including Board Chair Jeff Dvorak. The team is considering scenarios in the event of a lengthy school closure, including conducting and supporting online learning, Spring and Summer recruitment strategies, and the conditions that would prompt implementing these various contingencies. When it is appropriate, they also will consider the viability of Summer Program, though currently all summer scheduling remains in place.

Regular communications have been shared with the Board of Trustees. 

Custodial Services is following CDC recommendations for Facility Cleaning and Disinfecting. As frequently as is practical, additional time has been scheduled for common areas to be detailed and sanitized. Hard surface disinfection includes: 

  • Handrails     
  • Door knobs/handles
  • Sinks Faucets
  • Light Switches
  • Equipment Controls
  • Vending Machines
  • Copier/phone control buttons/keyboards and mice
  • Window sills and countertops 
  • Cabinet and file drawer knobs/handles
  • More than 100 new sanitized gel dispensers will be installed in all classrooms, studios and other buildings currently without sanitizer.   

Our custodial team meets daily to strategize on efforts that will be most effective in our community. Basic preventions, including the use of hand gels and Personal Protective Equipment, have already been implemented. Currently, suppliers are experiencing a backlog and rationing for hand sanitizer. We will procure these materials as quickly as possible.

We have arranged to have high-traffic carpet areas such as dorm hallways, classrooms and offices steam-cleaned over spring break. New signage is being placed in all common bathrooms (70) reminding the community to wash hands before leaving the room.

Arts as well as academic online classes will be offered to continue student engagement in IAA’s unique dual-curricular, accredited programs.

Idyllwild Arts Academy is following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Riverside County Health Department, the California State Health Department, and other health officials, and is basing our decisions on information received from those agencies. 

Summer & Auxiliary Programs FAQ

Yes, there will be on-site Summer Programs in Summer 2021. Click here for a letter from the president with more information: 

2021 Summer Programs Update from Pamela Jordan, President

2021 Summer Programs Announcement Letter & Teen Programs FAQ

The current health crisis is ever-changing and best practices for safety are constantly evolving. At this time, we anticipate the following processes to help keep students safe. Guidance from state and local authorities will determine actual policies in Summer 2021. 

We ask that students start exercising increased precautions (stay at home as much as possible, wear masks in public spaces, increased hygiene practices) two weeks before arriving on campus, and to continue to exercise as many precautions as possible while traveling to Idyllwild. Other safety regulations include:

  • Requiring students to provide COVID test results before arrival to campus. 
  • Holding smaller classes in well ventilated or outdoor spaces. 
  • Only two students per dorm room.
  • Staggering Dining Hall meal times to accommodate smaller groups of students at a time. 
  • Daily Health Symptom screenings.
  • Social distancing rules and wearing masks at all times on campus.

Students who do not follow all health and safety guidelines will be subject to school discipline, up to and including being immediately dismissed from the program and sent home.

Due to the stringent safety measures and staffing requirements to protect students on campus from COVID-19, we will not be offering children’s programs or Family Week in Summer 2021. We are offering programs for students 12 years old and older, as this will allow us to present the safest program possible to students.

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Recent Communications
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