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Shelly Short
Dorm Parent, Film & Digital Media, Lower Wayne
Film & Digital Media Chair / Dorm Parent
951.659.2171 x2304

Photographer and filmmaker, Shelly Short has always followed her heart. Staying true to herself she has chosen a path that will bring her the greatest joy. Shelly is an award-winning artist with a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design and has over 17 years of photography and marketing experience beyond the classroom. Her love of film and photography inspired her to pursue a career in teaching the Visual Arts.

She has been fortunate to have mentors along her path and has dedicated her life’s journey to guiding others. Her teaching background started in her teens when she volunteered her summers to teach in the Vietnamese Refugee camp in Malaysia and has continued throughout her path as a Teaching Assistant, Instructor for SCAD Summer Seminars, Assistant Professor at Eastern New Mexico University, Idyllwild Arts Academy Summer Program Faculty, and Idyllwild Arts Academy Film and Digital Media Faculty.

Shelly has focused on developing her skills in cinematography, writing, and directing. She believes that knowledge of these three aspects of filmmaking assist in conveying the story in the best way possible. Shelly draws from her life and the lessons she has learned to create a body of work that encompasses an idea of personal identity and the layers, symbols and tradition that make up who we are.

She has worked on solo projects but most recently on collaborative film projects ranging from experimental video to traditional narrative. She thrives on the exchange of ideas and admires the effects on the final vision resulting from this collaboration.

On a fun note, Shelly loves going to music festivals, hiking, riding her bike, kayaking, playing with her dog Taylor, and of course, watching movies (with popcorn and M&M’s).

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