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August 28 September 21

The annual Faculty Show brings together the technical and creative acumen of Idyllwild Arts Academy’s Visual Arts Department, and sets the course for the year ahead. This year’s exhibition features works by Chris Groth, Alicia Serling, Jasmine Peck, Linda Lucía Santana, Cristie Scott, Cihan Sesen and Rachel Welch.

The show’s theme, “Fragments,” explores the way artists’ work often reflects fragments of ourselves: our voices, our experiences, our explorations. Each teaching artist represented brings their own unique talents, experiences, and creativity to this community. It is the coming together of these fragments, these individual pieces, that makes for such a rich visual experience and that makes this department vibrant. While each body of work tells a story, we invite you to find meaningful relationships between them to unlock a bigger picture or message that resonates with you.

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