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June 14 All day

Deeply believing in the power of empathy in art, Tryana sees herself as a storyteller who inspires others to express themselves authentically. Kindness, passion, and the desire to create meaningful narratives are at the core of her identity as an artist and student. Her artistry extends beyond traditional boundaries, as seen in her collaborations with the Playa del Carmen Symphony Orchestra and her solo performances at the Teatro de la Ciudad in Playa Del Carmen. In May 2023, her second solo concert, “Daydreaming,” showcased her talent alongside Playa del Carmen’s finest.

This thought-provoking podcast series hosted by Idyllwild Arts President Pamela Jordan brings together thought leaders, creatives, influencers and changemakers, highlighting the work of citizen artists whose careers and lives have been shaped by the transformative power of art.

Season 3 exclusively features our incredible Idyllwild Arts Academy alumni! Tune in at the link below.

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