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Teale Sperling is the Senior Manager of Preschool Television for Mattel. Some of her producing and development credits include: the upcoming Barney Reboot on MAX, Barbie Vlogs digital series on YouTube with over 11 million subscribers, Fireman Sam preschool TV series, The Toy Box competition series on ABC and the Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie documentary on Hulu. Prior to her development career, Teale was an actress with the privilege of performing onstage at venues such as Radio City Music Hall and The Globe Theater in London.

This thought-provoking podcast series hosted by Idyllwild Arts President Pamela Jordan brings together thought leaders, creatives, influencers and changemakers, highlighting the work of citizen artists whose careers and lives have been shaped by the transformative power of art.

Season 3 exclusively features our incredible Idyllwild Arts Academy alumni! Tune in at the link below.

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