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Summer Teen Programs

Filmmaking Intensive: Short Films from Script to Screen (Sold Out)

This program has sold out and has a long waitlist. To join the waitlist, please complete the Camper Application for all ages. Here is a guide to joining the waitlist.

The Film Intensive Summer program is designed for high school artists passionate about filmmaking. This three-week program provides artists the opportunity to use industry-standard equipment and software, including digital cinema cameras, professional lighting equipment, and advanced editing software. A team of industry-experienced faculty introduces students to the art of visual storytelling and guides them through the collaborative process of filmmaking.

In week one, you will focus on writing a short screenplay in story development, basic camera and lighting techniques in cinematography, and plan and cast actors in creative development. Filming begins in week two with students from the Acting for the Camera program. Week three wraps up an intensive filmmaking schedule with editing and scoring your films in post-production. Films are screened on the last day of the program. Projects produced in this program have won a number of awards at major film festivals.

Our film workshops do not require any type of prior skill level to get into the program. Instructors will work with your child at the level that they are at. Your child will improve and learn new skills whether they are a beginner or have been acting or creating films for years.

  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Comfortable work clothes
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Notepad and pens/pencils and/or a laptop
  • Rain jacket/poncho
  • Good set of enclosed-ear headphones (optional)
  • PC or Mac laptop with screenwriting software (optional)
  • External hard drive (optional)
  • Digital camera and/or a phone with a camera (optional)

Find the full schedule and materials list here.

The Filmmaking Intensive program is three weeks of writing, producing, directing, and editing films. Artists begin to work collaboratively with their peers on the very first day of camp! In week one, they are introduced to story structure, camera operations, and lighting basics. Chosen scripts move forward into the pre-production phase at the end of week one. They complete filming during week two getting the opportunity to work in different key positions on set. Artists are introduced to AVID Media Composer editing software also during this week. As the last week rolls around, they acquire their footage from the previous week and edit it together. The students show off their efforts in a Film Culmination at the end of this week. The filmmaking environment is a collaborative work environment with rigorous work on set, including carrying camera gear, lighting equipment, and sound gear.

Photographer and filmmaker Shelly Short has always followed her heart. Shelly is an award-winning artist with an MFA in Film and Television and a BFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. Shelly has nearly 20 years of photography, filmmaking and marketing experience outside of the classroom. Her love of film and photography inspires her passion to teach.

Shelly began teaching in her teens as a volunteer in the Vietnamese Refugee camp in Malaysia. Her faculty experience includes SCAD Summer Seminars, Eastern New Mexico University, and Idyllwild Arts.


Age: 13-18

July 3-24, 2021
Three-week session

Final Screening information to be announced.

Tuition, room and board:

Day student tuition:

Lab fee:

Enrollment limited to 12 students.
Total capacity includes Residential and Day Students.

Shelly Short & Faculty

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