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Annual Fund

The Idyllwild Arts Annual Fund is the basis of the foundation’s fundraising efforts. Every year, the IA community joins together to support through tax-deductible donations. These gifts support every aspect of the school and programs, and are spent immediately on students, faculty and facilities to strengthen our ability to provide the best possible arts experience for everyone that steps on campus.

As you make your gift this year, you can know that your donation will go directly toward:

  • Allowing us to recruit and retain world-class artists and educators
  • Providing nearly $8.5 million in financial aid each year to deserving and talented students in the Academy and Summer Program
  • Helping ensure that our physical spaces, 205 acre campus and 50+ buildings, meet the demands of 21st century learning, and can become a manifestation of our mission and vision
  • Allowing us to continue to develop innovative programs like Art in Society and the Arts Enterprise Laboratory

Your gift to the Annual Fund supports every department, every program, every teacher, every student, every day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Annual Giving

Why do I need to give to the Idyllwild Arts Annual Fund?

The Idyllwild Arts Annual Fund meets the needs of the foundation beyond tuition and endowment revenue. Your gifts provide IAF with the resources necessary to pursue its mission and create opportunities for all our artists to experience the magic of Idyllwild.

Why not raise tuition in lieu of an annual fund?

Increases in tuition might make IA education inaccessible for many families and limit the diversity of the student body. Gifts to the annual fund allow us to keep tuition increases to a minimum while expanding the depth and breadth of programs and opportunities.

Why is 100% parent participation so important?

High parent participation is a vote of confidence and a sign that the school community supports the IAF mission, and inspiring others to join you in giving. This percentage also has an impact on gifts from outside sources; foundations consider participation rates when deciding to donate funds to a school. In addition, you are modeling philanthropy for our students, teaching them the importance of giving to their communities.

What is the average gift amount?

Only you can determine the amount that is right for your family. We encourage you to consider the impact your gift will make, to realize the value of your donation in providing an exceptional experience for our artists, and to make your gift a personally meaningful one. Every gift is important.

Can I make my gift in installments?

Absolutely. Many donors make a pledge at the beginning of the school year and set up recurring payments to be made during the fiscal year.

Why do I pay my gift by June 30 each year?

The school’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. Gifts made before June 30 are used during that year to provide immediate support for the school.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes, contributions to the Idyllwild Arts Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible.

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