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Recognizing Our Donors 2017-2018

This webpage provides a special opportunity to recognize you, the loyal philanthropists of Idyllwild Arts, for your generous support. We thank each individual, foundation, and corporation with sincere appreciation. While the greatest impact lies beyond this website and instead with the students and artists throughout the world, we offer our sincere effort to honor all of you who have done so much to enrich Idyllwild Arts. We have made every effort to be as accurate as possible in this list of donors from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. If an error comes to your attention, please let the Development Office know by calling 951.659.2171 x2338 or email

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Recognizing Our Donors

$100,000 and up

$100,000 and up

The Anonymous Foundation
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Colburn Foundation
Christina and Tony Echavarria
The JL Foundation
Anahita and James Lovelace

$50,000 - $99,999

$50,000 – $99,999

Associates of IAF
The Rose Hills Foundation
Eileen and Bruce Ross
Linda and John Sharp

$25,000 - $49,999

$25,000 – $49,999

Alicia and Robert Lovelace
Paulene Popek
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

$10,000 - $24,999

$10,000 – $24,999

Emilie Campbell ’02
The Chickasaw Nation
Community Bank
Ferro/Idyllwild Brewpub
Adam Glick ’02
Stephanie Webber and Harry Griswold
Alice Honner-White and Pieter White
Kristie Hubbard and Jonathan Gordon
William H. Hurt
Wanda and Kent Jones
SanYu and ChungHo Kim
Lillian P. Lovelace
Catherine McCampbell Charitable Trust
Terry Dresbach and Ronald D. Moore
Laura Pfanz
George and Susan Reardon
Manny and Linda Rider
Brian and Peggy Sassi
Howard Sherman and Gregg Houston

$5,000 - $9,999

$5,000 – $9,999

American Business Bank
Betty Anderson
Gemini Anderson ’12
Susan and William Barnett
Merrily Weiss and Thomas Bliss
California Community Foundation
Christine Carr
Lotus Chen and Man Yu
SoonYong Choi and Yunhee Goo
Gabriela Moreno and Alberto Cortina
Culinart, Inc.
Mary Alice and Thomas Davidov
Jeffrey A. Dvorak and Michael E. Slocum
Anne and Barnaby Finch
Janet and Richard Goldberg
Sydney Guo ’89
Idyllwild Arts Summer Auction
Pamela Jordan and Christopher Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Kawashima
Daniel W. Lass
William and Carolyn Lowman
David Martin
Jack Missett and Judi Sheppard Missett
Matt Murphy ’88
Holly and John Nuckols
Palm Springs Subaru
Zhenglin Quan and Jun Dong
Faith Raiguel and Billy Weber
Norman Richards
Ann and Robert Edward Ronus
Judith and Ronald Shenkman
Erica and Eric Sklar
Soboba Band of Luiseño Indians
Nancy and Glen Stephens
Sunflower Road Foundation
TASIN, Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations
David and Milana Thomsen
Dena and Lee Van Slyke

$2,500 - $4,999

$2,500 – $4,999

Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation
Cahuilla Band of Indians
Suzy and Pete Capparelli
Jordan and Chris Chavez
The Ella A. Trenchard Fund at The Community Foundation
Lucinda Covert-Vail
Ann and William DeWolfe
Neda and Timothy Disney
Fidelity Charitable Foundation
Emily and Sam Glick
Hyoun Seung Kim and Eulkyung Hwang
Shannon Madden-Lennertz and Christopher Lennertz
Jane and Daniel Levy
Nikki and Bill Morachnick
Marjorie Mosier
Carol Murrel
Colleen and Bret Nelson
New Spirit Vacation Homes
Miki and Takutaro Onoe
County of Riverside, Third District
Loren Tripp and Bruce Ryan
Lynn Schoenmann
Halle Stanford
Erna and Norman Toback
Palencia J. Turner
Barbara and Patrick Whalen

$1,000 - $2,499

$1,000 – $2,499

Art Alliance of Idyllwild
Darren Schilling and Douglas Ashcraft
Pat and Doug Austin
Paul B. Bailey
Debra and Andrew Bogen
Chris Brightman
Janet Lakatos Brittle
Cardiff Limousine & Transportation
Sara and Bill Carlson
Mark Davis and Eduardo Santiago
Harris Demetre and Terry Casella
Bihai Deng and Xhao Qiu rong
Elizabeth Dreisbach
Fengchun Fu and Rongrong Xu
Susan and Rob Gray
Grant Hamel
Bill Hannon Foundation
Heimark Distributing, LLC
Catherine and Mark Helm
Jessica and Randy Hill
Johanna and Michael Hollowich
Julianna and Dwight Holmes
Robert and Lorna Houck
Idyllwild Inn
Idyllwild Vacation Rentals
MunRye Kim and Cheol Mo Jang
Liu Bo and Shen Qun
Genny and Scott Logan
Gay Garner Mackintosh
Charles Martin
Ramsey Naito
Molly and John Newman
Gaylord Nichols
Kiran Patel
Suzanne Farkas and David Perez-Martinez
Marjory Musgrave and Frank Peters
Amy and Chris Plaisted
City Of Rancho Mirage
Laura and Jeff Sherman
Christine Sisley
Thomas E. Sparks, Jr.
Lori Steere
Marc and Eva Stern Foundation
Louise Weber and Sean Lavery
Kenneth Weiss
William Wheeler
Maud Winchester and Lucas Reiner

$500 - $999

$500 – $999

Laurie and Stephen Arnold
Marti Avila
Robert Baldi
Cheri and Charles Buckman
Angelina Burnett ’96
Marianne and Gerald Corey
Luz Diaz
Norman Dixon
Vania Dobreva Hines ’02 and Darren Hines
Mary Anne Dolan
Mali Dong and Ning Fan
Thomas Fox
Nicole Garcia ’95
Elizabeth Gill
Pamela Goldsmith
Celeste Headlee ’87
Karen and Thomas Higgins
Judith Hoyt
Mary and Kenneth A. Hunt
Cindy Jin
John R. Johnson
Loren Kieve
Barbara and Ted Kinoshita
Kathy and Tom Kluzak
Karen and James LeFever
Diane Lerner Bodenstein
Valerie Velez and David Lilieholm
Jalila Lissilaa
Yan Liu
Liz and Jeffrey Lovelace
Janice Lyle
Wendie Malick
Tivon Marcus ’01
Megan and Tucker McIntyre
Katherene and John Meisch
Mile High Cafe, Inc.
Gary Moon
Kiho Nam and Hyunsuk Lee
Felicia Navarro
Lucille Norberg
Northern Trust Chritable Giving Program
Palm Springs Lions Club
Alfredo Porraz and Cecilia Barrera
William Rhoads
Heather Roberts
Mary Ann and John Rodarte
James Sales and Rick Martinez
San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians
Nancy and Scott Scheid
Maggie Lam and Ian Schoenleber
Judith and Walter Sleeth
Lisa and Scott Stern
Elizabeth Teplitzky ’04
Kim Tulledge
Uncle B’s Smokin BBQ
Loretta and Charles Van Orden
Thomas Wallace
Kristina and John Weinman
Josh Whitney
Katherine Winegar and Dominique Hanssens
Yan Hua Shi and Zhen Lin Yang

$250 - $499

$250 – $499

Irene Adelson Steiniger
Alonso and Gabriela Ayala
The Bell Group
John R. Benson and Ms. Sally Bentley
Jeffrey L. Bernstein and Ms. Jean M. Stevens
Jess Berto ’05
The Bodenstein Family Foundation
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Bernard Brause, Jr.
Summer Brown
Marjorie and Morgan Cannon
Ken Carlson
Louise and William Carlson
Lowell Crystal
Tatiana Deschenie ’09
Lani and Gary Dorff
Meryl Eldridge
Shawna and Gregory Ellis
Michal Emanovsky ’97
Charissa Farley
Arlene and David French
Nina Friend
Yvette Gastelo
Tony Georges ’03 and Travis Acreman ’05
Corrine Glass ’93
JoAnn and John Graham
Carrie and Ken Hanlon
Sylvia and Patrick Holmes
Charles Hresil
Bill and Julia Ingram
Robin and Lance Jensen
Marjory and Jason Lewis
Lei Cheng and Kangqiang Li
Richard W. Maag
Fernando Mancilla and Otilia Zulueta
Dale McGhee and Arthur Pollack
Natalie and Richard Meidel
Darrow Milgrim
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trusts, Inc.
Ashley (Rizzo) ’05 and Andy Moss
Kathy Nielson
Linda Otterbeck
Kent and Jeannie Peterson
Red Kettle
Amy Regas
Patrick Reitz
Michelanne Rothrock ’98
Cruce Saunders ’94
Tara Dutton Sechrest ’94
Christine and Earl Siems
Gerald and Janet Thomas
Karen Tokashiki
Candice Foss and Armen Vartian
Roxanne Yahner and Scott Wilson
Mary and Kingmond Young
YaoGuang Zhai ’06

$100 - $249

$100 – $249

Jose Aboitiz
Acorn Pest Control
Susan Addleman
Andrea Adelson Reckard and Scott Reckard
Edgar and Lilla Aftergood
Braulio Alvarez de la Parra ’09
Amazon Smile
Laurel Anderson
Sara Andon
Heather and Tim Baker
Alma Jill Dizon and Kenneth Barish
McKim Barnes and Terry Fife
Jon Bauer
James E. Baumann ’06
Donna Sanders and Jeff Beck
Shirley and Allan Berue
Thomas and Mary Betz
Mark Biley
Carol Blischke
Bonnie and Jeffrey Boe
Becky Bomgardner
Andrea and John Bonn
Sean and Amber Booth
James Boyd
Peter C. Brockett and Ms. Laureen B. Chang
Barbara Brough
Lawrence Browne
John and Laura Bulrice
Jennifer Calbi ’88
Allison Calderwood
Bonnie and Todd Carpenter
Mary Cavena
Yuan Chen
Chih-Chien Bruce Chou ’97
Becky and Jack Clark
William Clark
Kelly Cochrane
Heather and George Companiott
Martha Conway
Corporate Management
Melinda and Tom Cosgrove
Michael Daugherty
Denise David
Jayne Davis
Julie Decker
Kristina L. Dendinger
Dawn and James Deshefy
Diane and Dorien Devine
Octavia Diener and Henry Barkett
Marge and Norman Dodge
Dennis Doubin ’97
Rabbi Malka Drucker
Michael Dunaevsky ’20
Olga and Alexander Dunaevsky
Gay and Don Durward
Perry Dyke
Bonnie M. Emert
Mary Escherich
Wanda and Edward Ewing
Exxon Mobil Corporation Contributions Program
Judy Felix
Fern Creek Medical Center
Ruth Fountain
Stacey and Steven Fracol
Katharine Gale
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
John Ganoung
Gary Gardener
Ginger and Scott Gines
Frieda Gockel
Jean Waggoner and David Gogerty
Dan Gottlieb
Susan Graff
Grand Idyllwild Lodge
Megan Greene ’03
Breanna Gribble ’04
Diana Griggs
Diane Gunn
Jan and Randy Hahka
Evelyn Halus and Thomas Griep
Candice Hanson
Fuki Harada ’04
Susan Riegel Harding
Karl Hartmann
William Hartung
Dana and Ryan Haveson
Shirlee Heidler
Lisa and Stan Hernacki
Carlos Hernandez and Elsien van Deelen
Michelle Hilario
Candee Hoecker
Pamela and Andrew Horowitz
Nicole Hudson and Scott Hudson
Moe Ishii ’05
Cynthia Itzhaki
Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
YouRee Jin ’06
Erwin Johnson
Susan Herman and Doug Johnston
Avianna Marie Jones
Andrew Kaiser
Susan and William Kapitanoff
Lori Gilbert and Howard Kaye
Megan Kenyon
Hilary Key ’92
Mike Kilroy
Caroline Kim and David Lawrence
John King
James Knox
Maihi Kodama ’03 and Yu Osaki ’05
Kelly Kolln and Thies Kolln
Kathy Koorenny and Bruce Nobles
Pam and Rick Kramer
Anne Kresl James
Kat Krone
Karen Kuckreja
Nancy and Guido Lamell
Blake Langdale ’03
Ashley Larson
John LaRue
John Lawrence
Michael and Sandra Leahy
Daenam and Soojin Lee
Daenam Lee and Jane Min
Derrick Lee
Don and Peggy Lents
Yu-Chieh Kelly Lin ’00
Shu-Yuan Linna
Buck Little
Victoria Santos and Michael Long
Douglas P. Lothes
Kasandra and Wayne Lovett
Marsha J. Lytle
Lin Ma ’07
Helen Mackintosh
Annie and Bill Macomber
Sarah and Peter Mandell
Debra and Robert McNeill
Carol Mendoza
Jennifer Merchant
Karen Metz
Maurice Meysenburg
Linda Meza
Keith Miller
Patrick Miller and Charity Carroll
Anne Erikson and Pat Moloney
Mountain High Escrow
Kim Hamilton Mueller
John Mullen and Mike Brase
Anson Musselman
Robert M. Myers and Ms. Linda J. Sullivan
Arash Naficy
Gretel and Tim Noble
Rita and Paul O’Connor
Maria and Carlos Oliva
Omidyar Network
Osborne Family
Liliana Alcantara and Carlos Otero Lozano
Pasadena Community Foundation
Kelly Perine
Sandra and Frank Polanski
Aya Tatsushiro ’04 and Aleksandr Popov ’03
Nancy and Arnold Raymon
Jennifer McKuen and David Reid-Marr
Carl Reiner
Noah Reitman
Monica and Charles Richard
Riot Games
Shanna and Dave Robb
Claire Robinson
Melody and Theodore Rose
Barbara Rosenfeld
Anne Burke Rothrock
Rhonda and Stanley Rubin
Juan Ruiz-Anchia and Purificacion Escudero Ruiz
Carol and Charles Russell
Nicolas and Laura Ryan
David and Becky Sandlin
Maygen Sandrini
Leticia Santiago and Carlos Gonzalez
Susana Santiago
Patricia Eagle-Schnetzer and Richard Schnetzer
Martha and Ray Scott Schroeder
Gary Schwandner
Olivia Sears
Jonathan Sharp
Jan and Edward Smith
David Speltz and Ms. Connie Kupka-Speltz
Erin Spencer ’96
Jeni Sponseller
Stephanie and Steven Steinberg
Victoria Stuart
Danielle and Nicholas Taro
Harry Trantham
Dennis Trembly
David L. Trumbo
Jill and Scott Turner
Matthew Umhofer
Daniel Felix Ungar ’03
Angel Valchinov ’99
Merria Velasco
Donna Ventura
Brenetta Waite
Glenn Wallace
Janine Wanee
Linda and Albert Wang
Xiaofeng Wang and Zhouping Ding
Kent Weishaus and Ms. Amy Fogerson
Richard Welsh, Jr.
Melissa Wilson
Allison and James Wilt
Linda Saccoccio and Barry Winick
Renee and Ralph Winkler
Michelle and Darren Winkley
Barbara Winslow
Barbara and Clifford Woolfolk
Paul Woosley
Randy Wright
Huafang Xu and Huafeng Zhang
Fenli Zhang and Gang Ding
Nianfen Zhou

Up to $99

Up to $99

Craig and Michelle Aaron
Mark Abajian
Jose Alberto Acevedo
Kamilla Akhmedova ’21
Anna Aldana
Susan Alexander and Dennis Burke
Christine Alexanians
Ameriprise Financial Services
Karina Andolina and Judson Andolina
Geronimo Angel Gutierrez ’19
Jennifer Anger
Jonathan Angulo
Marin Arai ’15
Raquel L. Azses
James Babor
Ann and Robert Baird
Erica Ballinger
Justin Barrett and Kim Henderson
Margaret Barry
Anna Bax ’99
Joelene and Jack Bazzeni
Claudia Bear
Wen Beebe
Roslyn Beecher
Penny and Don Bentley
Eleonora Beran-Jahn ’17
Andrea Bereznak ’01
Derrick Bolin
Abbie Bosworth
Leah Bosworth
Susan and Paul Bowers
Erin Breen ’13
Taylor Browning
Howard I. Bulos and Ms. Linda Tedjakusuma
Eric Bulrice ’06 and Cristine Scott
John Bulrice
Kathleen Burke ’08
John W. Burkert
Alan F Cain
Peter Callas
Shambo Carpenter
Vivian Carroll
Stacey Carter
Shelley and Jay Cassity
Mark Chacon
Tracy Chaffee
Sandra and Christopher Champion
Samuel Chan ’11
Li Andrew Chen
Manrong Chen ’14
Adina Chis ’18
Hilary Christiansen
Raymond Clemens ’96
Brian Clow
Gina Coletti
Kristin Cornelius
Camila Cortina Moreno ’20
Craig Z. Courtright
Laura Cronk
Lauren Daniels
Deanna Dawn Davis
Jeffrey L. Davis
Mark de la Garza
Dan Dermer
Anne Deweer
Kathy and Fred Dickey
Holly Diener ’20
Thuy Do
Marci and David Donley
Rachel and Charles Druten
Debra and Kenn Duncan
Sterling Dutton ’01 and Erin Murray
Joshua Caleb Eberhardt ’08
Mystral Echavarria ’05
Zofia Kostyrko Edwards
Mika Efroa
Lynne Eodice
Robert Eroen
Jennie and Steven Espinosa
Audra Ewing ’99
Evan Faas ’05
Anonymous ’00
Wayne Fellabaum
Peter Ferretti ’08
Michael Fishbein ’07
William Fisher ’96
Don French
Mary and Thomas French
Tiffany Friedman
Louise Frye
Anonymous ’18
Deborah Fuss
Franklin Gaeta
Alexandra Gandionco ’13
Roxane and Robert Geggie
Kara Noel ’92 and Seth Gelman ’92
Jovielle Gers ’99
Chelsea Gilbert ’94
Anonymous ’18
Susan and Barry Glazer
Kristen Godard
Nicholas Goldsborough
Karin Obermeier and John Goulding
Katelyn Graham ’14
Margaret and Daniel Gray ’97
Matthew Gray ’01
Corinne and Bob Greenamyer
Meagan Greene
Chelsea Gribble ’05
Laura Jaya Griscom ’08
Anonymous ’19
Wendy and Shane Guilbert-Neal
Manuel Guzman
Meredith Habermann
Katie Hahka ’17
Eloise A. Haldeman
Judy Halter
Jeri-Sue Haney
Lynn Hannan
Francie and Bruce Hansen
Heather Harkness ’14
Rebecca Heller ’94
Kendell Henle ’05
Mayde M. Herberg
Adrian Hernandez ’18
Anonymous ’20
Kristine and Donald Hill
Doug Holmes
Felicity Holmes ’15
Peggy Holsclaw
John W. Houghton, Jr.
Fang Huang and Haichao Liu
Robert Hubert
Elaine and Robert Huddleston
Anna Hull ’14
Kathryn B. Hull
Steve Hurley and James Rice
Sho Ikushima ’04
Kirsten Ingbretsen
Linda Iribarren
You Na Jin ’07
Justin Jones
Kristin Jones
Gwendolyn and James Jurney
Joan Kaplan
Tobi and Clyde Kaplan
Kyoko Kawahata ’97
Barbara and Jeffrey Keane
Anne Keenan
Donald Stoll and Marianne Kent-Stoll
Beverly Kite
Mariya Koeva ’07
Jessica Koppenhaver
Chika Kosugi ’04
Kristy Anne Krauss
Ekaterina Krivonosova
Marjorie and Wayne Krug
Ursula Krummel
Kula Foundation
Tasha Kusama
Mikyoung Kwon
Lisa Lady
Amanda Lambert
Carmel Larsen Marks ’94
Sharon Lawson
Kristina Lebedeva
Andrew W. Leeson
Callie Levan ’15
Nancy Li
Richie Locasso
Avery Logan ’21
Jessica and Ramson Lomatewama
Andrew Long ’17
Mara Lund Montano ’05
Jing Ma
Lindsay Macias ’01
Thomas Madden
Marna Makau
Annie Mallonee Clausen ’03
Aldo and Judith Mancinelli
Parvati Mani
Lisa Manning
Maximiliano Manriquez Urrutia ’19
Molly Mapel ’01
Petra Mark
Amy and Harold Masor
Diana Maul
Marilyn Mautner
Londeen McEachron
Maureen McElligott
Anonymous ’92
Kerry Mclure
Catherine McMillan
Gina Mead
Reina Meek
Elliot Mercer ’05
Sheila and George Meyer
Marilyn Micheau
Gerard Minaya ’11
Jennifer Mindlin ’94
Peter Morway
Desiree Munoz Curtis ’05
Aliza and Peter Murrieta
Orville and Perdita Myers
Suriah Nakano ’13
Reiko Natsukawa ’01
Izabell Navarro-Perez ’14
Joyce Neidelman
Bill and Ramona Oakland
Raymond Obuchowski
Adrian Ocone ’18
Anonymous ’07
Seung-Min Oh ’05
Shira O’Keefe
Sheila Ollar
Bridgette Olson
Karen and Thomas Owens
Kaley Ozminkowski ’06
Kimberly and Adam Pace
Annamarie and Louis Padula
Debbie Paris and Dennis McGuire
Joo-Young Park ’05
Kate Parker
Laura Parker
Paloma Perez ’18
Julie and Mark Perkins
Kristina and Suzanne Perry
Bonnie and Vance Peterson
Anastasia Petrova
Violina Petrova ’05
Phoebe Ping ’08
Doreen Plott
Alison Preston
Galla and David Purwin
Wendy Pylko
Robertus Darren Radyan ’20
D. Althea Rammessirsingh
Elizabeth Randall
Barbara Rayliss
Sheridan Reed
Aarianna Reich ’08
Opal Reinbold
Dia Reiner ’19
Au Jean Rhee ’18
Leona H. Rice
Cynthia Rinehart
Kathleen T. Robinson
Rhonda Rockwell
Candy and Frederico Romero
Lauren Roshandel ’99
Mark Ross
Nancy Roth
Anonymous ’02
Sandra Rush
Ruth M. Ryan
Roni Salo
Isabel Sanchez
Alejandra Sanchez Pardo
Gennesse Sandlin ’08
Bille Corinne Sarzin
Anna Schoenmann ’21
Zora Schoner ’17
Patricia and Richard Schwartz
Jodie Schwirtz
Matthew Schwirtz
Donna Scott
Yumi and David See
Barry Segal and Kathy Rea-Segal
Laura Shaghoian
Christine Eaton and Diego Sharon
Pamela Sheppard
Yun Shi
Jacqueline Shoopman
June Slattum
Evelyn Smith
Michael Smith
Terria Smith
Charlotte Smth
Delaney Spangler ’14
Teale Sperling ’05
Kathleen and Charles Storrie
Sabrina and Ryan Strickland
Anne and Christopher Stroud ’94
Sydne Sullivan
Yoshiyuki Takatsuki
Jacklyn and Jim Tanker
Jeremy Teeguarden
Rachel Teeguarden
Theresa (McGaughey) ’97 and Jacob Teel
Marilyn and Wayne Thomas
James Tidwell
Robert Toth
Andrea L. Toubia
Michael Tseitlin
Florette and Raymond Turchin
Lisa Van Dusen
Lisa Van Proyen and Dany Doueiri
Jessica Van Ruiten
Saskia and David Vanderhoop
Christine VanderLeest
Annie Varvari
Angelica and Neil Vasquez
Deborah Vernet
Kelsey Ann Wacker ’08
Rory Wakemup and Kirt Wackford
Gabriella Wackford Muñoz ’19
Lance Wahl
Stephanie and Michael Wall
Vicking Wang ’19
William Ward
Anonymous ’19
Robert Weeg
Kathleen and James Wellman
Sydney Welter ’19
Thomas Whalen ’17
Christy and Jeff Wilke
Anonymous ’01
Kelly and Craig Wills
Amara Wilson ’17
Robin Wilson
Roger and Anna Wilson
Katherine Winegar
Wendy Winks
Jean Wong and Steve Tompkins
Serena Woosley ’18
Huaqiong Xie and Sheng Ju
Kui Xu
Hye-Won Yoon ’05
Anonymous ’18
Xiaobin Zhou and Ziju Zhu
Dean and Donna Zook

Gifts In Kind

We are honored to recognize those who donated various gifts in kind and auction items throughout the year.

Trudy Adler
Jamie and Stuart Bailey
Fred Betlach
Carol Bradford
Dona and Larry Burns
Charlie Ciali
Lowell Crystal
Amanda and Shepard Fairey ’88
Halper Fine Art
The Jim Henson Foundation
Julianna and Dwight Holmes
Rita and Lawrence King
Salena and Robert Krone
Karla and William Leopold
Los Angeles Opera
Carolyn and William Lowman
Obey Giant Art, Inc.
Julie and Mark Perkins
Paulene Popek
Faith Raiguel and Billy Weber
Susan and George Reardon
Linda and Manny Rider
Shanna and Dave Robb
Erica and Eric Sklar
Nicole and Ronald Sponseller
Terri and Robert Vandernburg
Annette Wassell
Robin Young

Memorial & Honorary Gifts

  • Susan Addleman Gift in memory of Yvonne Karukas
  • Sara Andon Gift in memory of My loving parents, Albert and Violet Andon
  • Jean Stevens and Jeffrey Bernstein Gift in memory of Claire Bernstein
  • Jess Berto ’05 Gift in honor of Grayson Collymore ’05
  • The Bodenstein Family Foundation Gift in memory of Kenneth A. Bodenstein
  • Andrea and John Bonn Gift in honor of Cory D Bonn
  • Susan and Paul Bowers Gift in memory of Cheri Bentley-Buckman
  • Barbara Brough Gift in honor of Jeff Dvorak and Michael Slocum
  • Laura and Jon Bulrice Gift in honor of Rico John Carlos Bulrice/Theater Department
  • Kathleen Burke ’08 Gift in honor of Class of 2008
  • Alan F. Cain Gift in memory of Cheri Bentley-Buckman
  • Jennifer Calbi ’88 Gift in honor of Class of 1988
  • Mary Cavena Gift in honor of Gertrude Kleekamp
  • Jordan and Chris Chavez Gift in memory of Anthony Chavez: Jewelry Teacher
  • Manrong Chen ’14 Gift in honor of Class of 2014
  • SoonYong Choi and Yunhee Goo Gift in honor of WonJune James Choi
  • Chih-Chien Bruce Chou ’97 Gift in honor of Class of 1997
  • Corporate Management Gift in memory of Donn Schoenmann
  • Jayne Davis Gift in memory of Steve Hudson
  • Helen Pembrook and Arthur Dennis Gift in memory of Arthur Pembrook
  • Octavia Diener and Henry Barkett Gift in memory of Andrea Diener
  • Marge and Norman Dodge Gift in memory of Cheri Bentley-Buckman
  • Judy Felix Gift in honor of Brooke Manning
  • Fidelity Charitable Foundation Gift in memory of Anthony Chavez: Jewelry Teacher
  • Anne and Barnaby Finch Gift in memory of Casey Davidson Finch
  • Roxane and Robert Geggie Gift in honor of Kyle Thomas, Alumna Art Teacher
  • Jovielle Gers ’99 Gift in honor of Class of 1999
  • Elizabeth Gill Gift in honor of We’re very lucky to have the Lowman’s in Coronado.
  • Emily and Sam Glick Gift in honor of Adam Glick
  • Frieda and Michael Gockel Gift in memory of Richard MacNeal
  • Lisa and Dan Gottlieb Gift in memory of Brett Fonfa
  • Susan Graff Gift in honor of Faith Raiguel
  • Margaret and Daniel Gray ’97 Gift in honor of Class of 1997
  • Matthew Gray ’01 Gift in honor of Class of 2001
  • Jan and Randy Hahka Gift in honor of Katie Hahka
  • Diane and Peter T. Halpin Gift in honor of Brett R. Halpin Mendoza ’06
  • Candice Hanson Gift in honor of Karla and Bill Leopold
  • Heather Harkness ’14 Gift in honor of Class of 2014
  • Rebecca Heller ’94 Gift in honor of Class of 1994
  • Candee Hoecker Gift in memory of Dick MacNeal
  • Johanna and Michael Hollowich Gift in memory of Robert and Selma Hollowich
  • Felicity Holmes ’15 Gift in honor of Class of 2015
  • Sylvia and Patrick Holmes Gift in honor of Felicity Holmes ’15
  • Robert Hubert Gift in memory of Sidsel H Hubert
  • Anna Hull ’14 Gift in honor of Dance Department
  • Linda Iribarren Gift in memory of Jamie Iribarren
  • Robin and Lance Jensen Gift in honor of Class of 2018
  • Mark Zou and Cindy Jin Gift in honor of Jerry Zhou 2018-2019
  • You Na Jin ’07 Gift in honor of Class of 2007
  • Erwin Johnson Gift in memory of Richard MacNeal
  • Caroline Kim and David Lawrence Gift in honor of Dr. Jin Young Choi
  • SanYu and ChungHo Kim Gift in honor of DaYoung Sally Kim ’19
  • John King Gift in honor of Larry Livingston
  • Kat Krone Gift in honor of Robert Max Krone
  • Karen Kuckreja Gift in memory of Marguerite Clapp
  • Nancy and Guido Lamell Gift in memory of Barry Socher
  • Diane Lerner Bodenstein Gift in memory of Kenneth A. Bodenstein
  • Victoria Santos and Michael Long Gift in honor of Andrew Long Class of 2017
  • William and Carolyn Lowman Gift in memory of Cheri Bentley-Buckman
  • Janice Lyle Gift in honor of David Kaplan and Glenn Ostergaard
  • Lin Ma ’07 Gift in honor of Yehuda Gilad
  • Helen Mackintosh Gift in memory of Virginia and Ray Garner
  • Lisa Manning Gift in honor of Brooke Manning
  • David Martin Gift in memory of Steven Cohen-Errnez
  • Diana Maul Gift in memory of Donn Schoenmann
  • Natalie and Richard Meidel Gift in honor of Sarah Meidel
  • Charity Carroll and Patrick Miller Gift in honor of Briley Miller
  • Gerard Minaya ’11 Gift in honor of Class of 2011
  • Felicia Navarro Gift in honor of Izabell Navarro Perez
  • Joyce Neidelman Gift in memory of Anthony Chavez: Jewelry Teacher
  • Northern Trust Chritable Giving Program Gift in honor of Mia Hanssens
  • Bridgette Olson Gift in honor of Morgan Olson 2021
  • Osborne Family Gift in memory of Perry and Marian Osborne
  • Kimberly and Adam Pace Gift in honor of Nicholas Pace (Class of 2020)
  • Palm Springs Lions Club Gift in memory of Charles Buckman
  • Deana Payne Gift in honor of Michael Ghadban, junior
  • Julie and Mark Perkins Gift in memory of Connor Perkins
  • Galla and David Purwin Gift in honor of Amelia Purwin
  • Nancy and Arnold Raymon Gift in memory of Robert P Stearns
  • Aarianna Reich ’08 Gift in honor of Class of 2008
  • Opal Reinbold Gift in honor of Faith Raiguel
  • Heather Roberts Gift in honor of Amanda Walker
  • Claire Robinson Gift in honor of Julia Ihly
  • Kathleen T. Robinson Gift in honor of David Robinson
  • Mark Ross Gift in memory of Ron Castleberry
  • Ruth M. Ryan Gift in honor of Bruce Ryan for the Film Lot
  • Nancy and Scott Scheid Gift in honor of Chloe Scheid
  • Patricia Eagle-Schnetzer and Richard Schnetzer Gift in memory of Pam Goldwasser
  • Martha and Ray Scott Schroeder Gift in honor of Marshall Hawkins
  • Tara Dutton Sechrest ’94 Gift in honor of Justin Barrett & Reina Meek
  • Tara Dutton Sechrest ’94 Gift in honor of Parvati Mani
  • Laura Shaghoian Gift in memory of Paul Shaghoian and Jeff Tower -Summer Jazz Program
  • Delaney Spangler ’14 Gift in honor of Class of 2014
  • Teale Sperling ’05 Gift in memory of Alexis Echavarria ’07
  • Lori Steere Gift in memory of Lora Woodhead Steere, John & Margaret Steere
  • Theresa ’97 and Jacob Teel Gift in memory of Cheri Bentley-Buckman
  • Janet and Gerald Thomas Gift in memory of Steven Cohen-Ernnez
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Toth Gift in memory of Cheri Bentley-Buckman
  • Dennis Trembly Gift in memory of Barry Socher
  • Florette and Raymond Turchin Gift in memory of Pam Goldwasser
  • Dena and Lee Van Slyke Gift in honor of Pamela Jordan
  • Louise Weber and Sean Lavery Gift in honor of Scarlett Lavery/Theater Department
  • Cara Wilkerson ’01 Gift in honor of Class of 2001
  • Katherine Winegar and Dominique Hanssens Gift in honor of Mia Hanssens
  • Wendy Winks Gift in honor of All Young Artists
  • Paul Woosley Gift in honor of Serena Leilani Woosley

The Beatrice Krone Society

Gifts through Planned Giving

We are grateful for our supporters who have included Idyllwild Arts in their will or trust. If you’d like more information, please email or call 951.659.2171 x2335.

Edgar and Lilla Aftergood
Doug Austin
Arthur and Barbara Bernstein
Matt Bissinger ’88
Carol Blischke
Margaret Branchflower, deceased
Emma Campbell ‘02
Pete and Suzy Capparelli
Robert and Susan Cassling
Ginger Culver ’88
Margie Curtis
Jeffrey Dvorak and Michael Slocum
Anthony Ficele
Barnaby and Anne Finch
Earl and Carol Fisher
Katie Grigsby
Harry Griswold and Stephanie Webber
Alison Hiers and Ronald Wilson
Robert and Salena Krone
Ursula Krummel
Janet Lakatos
Daniel W. Lass
Jane and Daniel Levy
Bill and Carolyn Lowman
Richard and Carolyn MacNeal, deceased
Mary Val Marsh Twist, deceased
David Martin
Richard and Natalie Meidel
John Mullen and Mike Brase
Orville and Perdita Myers
David Nochimson
Walter and Elizabeth Parks
Paulene Popek
Elaine and Stuart Roe
Bruce Ross
Raymond and Shirley Paul, deceased
Lou Schreiber, deceased
June Schuerch, deceased
John and Linda Sharp, deceased
Hazel Simon, deceased
Dr. Neil Stannard
Gisela Stearns
David Thomsen
Bruce Toor
Chris Trout
Dena and Lee Van Slyke
Cynthia Ward
Carolyn Woosley

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