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Improvisational Screen Printing

In this introductory screen printing class using the method of cutout stencils, students will learn the fundamentals of screenprinting on fabric within the  language and structures of pattern design.

The method of printing, of layering colorful shapes with textile inks is improvisational.  It is a meaningful way to explore the possibilities of pattern design using shape and color. Students will be inspired by the playful aesthetics of the art and designs of mid-century modern artists. Students will use tracing paper, cut out stencils from Duralar®, and textile inks to explore shape, color and pattern designs on fabric.

The class is structured to allow time for play, experimentation and exploration of students’ interests.

Carrie Burckle is a visual artist, lecturer and educator living in Los Angeles. She received her BFA in Textile Design and MFA in Fibers from California State University Long Beach where she currently teaches in the Fiber Program since 2002. She teaches Screen Printing and Pattern Design, Fiber: Mixed Media Sculptural Forms and Intro to Fiber. She co-founded the arts organization Textile Arts Los Angeles with Lesley Roberts.

Carrie has exhibited at Craft Contemporary, Los Angeles; Craft in America Center, Los Angeles; Visions Art Museum, San Diego; Mingei Museum, San Diego; Reynolds Gallery, University of the Pacific; Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Downey Museum of Art; Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, among others.

Her work has appeared in Fiber Art Now magazine. She is a member of Textile Society of America, American Craft Council, Surface Design Association SoCal Rep, and California Fibers.

Faculty: Carrie Burckle

Dates:  June 24-26, 2022

Tuition: $550

Tuition, room and board: $985

Lab Fee:  $50, Lab fee includes: Use of handheld screens – 3 per student, textile inks and containers, water based extender, spatulas, squeegees/spreaders, Duralar® stencil material, padding and covers for tables, t-pins, trays, small cutting mats, tracing paper, simple green cleaner, newspaper, iron and ironing board. Fabrics per student:  2 blank scarves, 3 yds of cotton muslin

Skill Level: All Levels

Enrollment limited to 12 students

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