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This workshop will deal with developing a new vocabulary of skills and techniques. The student will be guided through each step and will be able to draw from what they learn to create a variety of unique designs. Each method and process will guide students through a series of completed brooches and or pendants. Students will also learn to set cabochons using a historical Dutch technique that is both simple and effective. And how to modify tools to help in creating clean connections and well finished designs. This workshop provides students opportunities to learn that the properties of the metals we chose to work with, determine the designs we create.

Skills & techniques covered in the workshop include:

  1. Slotted and notched construction.
  2. Light forging to create interest and strength.
  3. Stainless fish tail pin stem.
  4. Dutch stone setting.
  5. “Single Blow Rivet”
  6. The freedom of working on multiple pieces.
  7. The “What if” function in design.

Fred is a self-taught metalsmith practicing since the early 1970’s. He has been involved with teaching others for over 45yrs and has a sincere passion for the process of metalworking and all of it’s traditions and possibilities. A creative innovator of materials and tools to create unique designs, Fred continues to share his passion by teaching workshops. Teaching is a natural extension of his desire to share with others what he knows and fall into his desire to “Show and Tell”

Faculty: Fred Zweig

Dates: June 13 – 17, 2022

Tuition: $840

Tuition, room and board: $1,565

Lab Fee: $65, Stainless steel wire, thick wall sterling tubing, & nailset punch

Skill Level: Basic soldering and sawing skills required

Enrollment limited to 10 students

brooch with copper suspended - Fred Zweig
Fishtail pin stem closeup - Fred Zweig
forged brooch with fishtail pin stem - Fred Zweig
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