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Intro to Printmaking

This program is an introduction to the techniques, history, and concepts of printmaking through relief and intaglio processes such as linoleum cut, woodcut, drypoint, and etching. Students will focus on printing ink on paper and will learn a wide range of technical and conceptual tools. This one-week program will feature demonstrations, lectures, group critiques and discussions, historical overviews, and individual projects to help emphasize printmaking’s concepts, properties and the use of multiples.

Intro to Printmaking does not require any prior experience to get into the program. Instructors will work with your child at the level that they are at. Your child will improve and learn new skills whether they are a beginner or have been an artist for years.

14 – 17

July 9 – July 15, 2023
One week sessionStudent Exhibition

Saturday July, 15, 2023
Time and location TBD

Tuition, Room and Board

Day Student Tuition

Lab Fee

Health & Safety Fee

Enrollment Capacity
8 students
Total capacity includes Residential and Day Students


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