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Stay – and thrive – with Idyllwild Arts Academy this summer!

This two-week online program will combine three key aspects of the Idyllwild Arts education: maintaining and building on the essential high school skills of reading, writing, math, and self-expression; a hands-on exploration of the creative arts with working professional artists; and an introduction to the boarding school community where friendships with other creative students from around the world are formed and last a lifetime.

Discover and strengthen your creative and critical voices so that you can distinguish yourself in any academic or professional environment. Explore a variety of arts disciplines that speak to your unique voice in ways that add depth and perspective to your artistic stories. Find and renew friendships that will support your academic, artistic, and social pursuits at Idyllwild Arts Academy and beyond. Work in an online team with experienced and enthusiastic teachers to improve your confidence and nurture your creative spirit.

This Two-Week Online Workshop Will Help You To:

  • Stay on top of your academic skills.
  • Strengthen reading skills by grade level and subject areas in English, History, Science, Current Events, and Contemporary Arts.
  • Strengthen writing skills by grade level and skill sets, including personal narratives, writing mechanics, paragraph development, thesis statements, and persuasive essay writing. Additionally, for 11th and 12th graders, there will be an emphasis on developing and drafting personal statements for the college application process.
  • Evaluate foundational math skills and map out an individualized learning plan for your math education at Idyllwild Arts Academy. Additionally, students will be introduced to the learning platforms used for math instruction at the Academy.
  • Get the most out of independent and collaborative learning opportunities, which are the foundations for success at Idyllwild Arts Academy, in college, and in the arts professions. We will practice time management methods to help you prioritize your passions and interests, balance expectations, and promote self-discovery and reflection. We will help you meet the challenges of both online and in-person classroom environments.
  • Promote seamless transition to the regular Idyllwild Arts Academy year, working with teachers, professional artists, and student life coordinators, who work together to support your passions, creativity, and health.
  • Develop reflective self-care and mindfulness practices to encourage good habits for academic, artistic, and personal growth before the Academy year begins.
  • Take virtual tours with experts in their fields of study from around the United States.

Stay in tune with your artistic ambitions:

  • Use your reading and writing skills to engage with contemporary arts and media culture.
  • Explore timely topics with guest artist forums facilitated by Academy faculty, department chairs, and other guests.
  • Discover and strengthen your voice and your perspective on the world in this time of uncertainty and anxiety.
  • Consider how you will reflect and record your experiences as a young person, an artist, a citizen, and a human being during these times.
  • Learn more about new and dynamic changes in contemporary arts practices and professions.

Stay in touch with your creative tribe:

  • Foster relationships with teachers and peer ambassadors who can provide social support during the program and beyond.
  • Culminate our two-week session with a Digital Retreat to develop skills and coping strategies, join new digital communities, and renew your artistic passions.
  • This online camp experience will help you think about and plan for tomorrow.

What sets our program apart?

When students “stay” with Idyllwild Arts for Summer 2020, they will engage with teachers who comfortably navigate the space between the arts and the skills crucial to high school success. You will get one-on-one mentoring with experts in College Writing, Contemporary History, World Literatures, and engage with faculty in Theater, Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Inter-Arts, Visual Arts, and Film about your creative aspirations. You will have access to an online community of artists, students, and professionals who are acutely sensitive to the complexities of education, art, and adolescence in today’s world.

Dates: June 15 – June 26
Cost: Free
We are not charging families for this experience. We want you to welcome you to the community and prepare you for the fall.


Margaret Gray

Humanities Faculty

Reina Meek

Math/Science Chair and Math/Science Faculty

John Goulding

Humanities Faculty
951.659.2171 x2409

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