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ONLINE Metals Week 2A: Intro to Gemstone Carving

Do you have stones that you bought years ago….  the oval ones that are too big or the weird shaped ones that are fabulous material, but you just can’t get past the shape? So what to do with them? Take this class and turn them into something you want to use!

You will learn how to create simple shapes in agate & jasper using simple flex-shaft and diamond tools. The first day will be focused on carving and shaping. Through studio lecture, demonstration and practice, you will grind, carve and polish the stones. You will learn how to use various diamond tools to create shape and texture in the stones. In addition, you will learn how to mix your own diamond paste and make simple and very effective polishing tools. 

On day two, you will spend time on finishing and getting the final polish on the stone. We will also explore the different types of stones and how the carving process may vary with the various stones.

NOTE: Metals Week workshops will all be held via Zoom for 2021, from 9 am to 4 pm PDT. You will be working in your own studios and your instructor will be present on your computer.

You will need to have a working studio with basic fabrication tools including pliers / saw / benchpin / files / solder station and torch. Specialized equipment, tools and supplies will be referenced in the description and a more detailed list describing where to buy items or specific item numbers will be provided after registration.

Find the full materials list here.

Robin Wong is a Canadian visual artist and craftsperson of multiple mediums including wood, metal and stone. After leaving her television news job in 2016, she began working full time as a custom woodworker, silversmith and gem stone carver creating one-of-a-kind pieces. As a longtime resident of Vancouver, BC, Robin’s work is often inspired by the beauty of the west coast. 

Instagram: @robinmakesart

Age: 19 years and above

2A – June 21-22,
2-day session

Tuition: $315
(or $750 if taken with “Badass Bezels” 6/23-6/25)

Skill Level:
All levels, but some basic fabrication skills in metal would be helpful.

Enrollment is limited to 12 students.

Robin Wong

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