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Idyllwild Arts Response Fund

During these challenging times, finding hope and strength in our community has been, and still is, the key to our resiliency.

You can help contribute to our continued safe and successful navigation of this pandemic – by donating to the Idyllwild Arts Response Fund. 

After a robust  round of virtual Summer course offerings, the Academy is off to a great start as students from 34 countries began virtual classes on August 31. We are in gratitude to the teachers, staff, students, and parents who worked together for a successful opening to the 2020-2021 school year.  

While classes are being held online initially this Fall, due to county-imposed restrictions, the logistical, administrative, and financial challenges of bringing students back to campus are substantial. That’s where you come in.

Back in June, we created a new Response Fund allowing us to adapt quickly to unforeseen needs. This new fund, a component of our Annual Fund, provides resources we can allocate immediately as needs arise due to changes in enrollment, evolving educational landscapes, and of course the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Please make a gift to the Response Fund which will help to ensure the following:

  • $531,000 in additional scholarship support, beyond our budgeted amount, to help our families experiencing hardship due to the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy
  • $217,000 for regular COVID-19 testing of faculty and staff throughout the year, to keep our community safe
  • $102,000 for PPE (personal protective equipment) including masks, face shields, gloves, sanitizing stations, etc 
  • $82,000 for tablet computers, enhanced wifi, and network coverage to ensure a smooth online learning environment
  • $190,000 in increased dining hall costs related to safety changes, increased staffing for more spread out meal times, etc.
  • $220,000 for needs including modified transportation, additional dorm staff, additional security staff, and so much more

We firmly believe that art remains a means to constant and necessary growth, despite the challenges we all are facing this year. In a world that is changing fast and posing what seems to be overwhelming obstacles, Idyllwild Arts emphasizes that art is not static. It is ever-changing and it is, as stated in our vision statement: “an essential solution to global challenges.”

Please make a gift to the Idyllwild Arts Response Fund, and help us ensure a safe and successful return to campus for our students, faculty and staff. Contributions of all sizes truly make a difference. With your generosity, our education will remain strong, and the Idyllwild spirit, everlasting.

Thank you.

Donate Now

For donors in the USA, the CARES act provides for 2020 a one-time $300 charitable deduction allowance even for taxpayers who no longer itemize. I’ll hope you’ll take advantage of this special opportunity and consider making Idyllwild Arts  the beneficiary. 

Please remember we also accept gifts of stock and IRA rollover contributions, which may have significant tax advantages. With the stock market at all-time highs, now is an amazing time to make these gifts. Please contact us for more information.

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