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Idyllwild Arts Academy looks forward to welcoming students back to campus this Fall and we are taking necessary precautions to do so. We are closely following recommendations and guidelines that continue to evolve throughout the pandemic. We have also assembled a medical advisory group to help us evaluate and implement plans for reopening.

We know that students are eager to return and settle into their “second home.” New families will quickly discover that Idyllwild Arts Academy is a place where young people make friends who share a passion for the arts and a love of our beautiful, secluded and safe mountain campus.


Health and Safety Are Our Priorities

Arts and academic instruction are delivered most effectively in studios and classrooms where students benefit from mentoring by faculty and inspiration by classmates. To accommodate in-person learning, we’ve devoted months to prepare for a safe campus reopening and acquired FDA-approved rapid finger tests.

Students will study, practice, and perform in safe and clean places. We will limit the number of students in classrooms and take full advantage of outdoor spaces. We are committed to safe living spaces in our dormitories and our suites ensure that each student will share a bathroom with only one other student. Faculty and student health will be monitored daily.

In order to monitor the health situation and enable students to move through the day in groups assigned by major, we will keep academics all-online when students first return. This will reduce the number of teachers on campus and assist a smooth transition for students as they adjust to in-person instruction. In addition, certain arts classes focusing on theory or research will remain online, helping us to optimize classroom, studio, and practice time. In-person instruction will take place in place in spacious rooms, performance halls, and studios in order to ensure physical distancing. Continued online instruction will allow for independent growth and connection with those students who are not yet able to arrive. In this way, whether students are on campus, or whether they need to remain online and arrive late, our community will remain whole.


Arriving Late? We’re Here For You!

Committing to an Idyllwild Arts education during these uncertain times testifies to our families’ dedication to honoring their children’s ambition to pursue art. We will honor that ambition as well, by supporting the education of our students until they can join us, whether that should be late in the fall semester or at the start of the spring semester.

We have created an online schedule to accommodate different time zones, providing for all students their core academic and arts courses and enabling swift transition to in-person instruction when they arrive. In addition to live Zoom classes, online education will include individual instruction and private lessons tailored to each student’s particular needs. Master Classes with world-renown artists will supplement the classes taught by our regular faculty of practicing artists. Master classes taught by artists such as Eric Whitacre (composer), Janet Fitch (novelist), Sidney Clifton (Riot Games), Harriet Greenspan (Casting Director for Disney and Nickelodeon) and many others will occur throughout the year.

Our faculty and staff miss the students deeply. We are excited to welcome both new and returning students to our community to share in the singular experience of an Idyllwild Arts education.

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