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Palms to Pines Seasonal Plants Workshop Series

presented by Idyllwild Arts

Join Idyllwild Arts for the Palms to Pines Seasonal Plants Workshop Series and learn how the plants of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains have been used by Native Americans who call these mountains home. Five workshops led by experts and culture bearers local to the Palms to Pines region explore the landscapes where the plants are found and teach about their gathering and processing. Walk away with deepened understanding of local flora and with flours, breads, and soaps that you create yourself. The series culminates with the 2019 Idyllwild Arts Summer Program’s California Native Plants class.

Focus on Foods: Gather, Process, Feast!
June 29-30, 2019
Location: Idyllwild Arts Summer Program
Tuition: $285

The Idyllwild Arts Summer Program’s California Native Plants course is the culmination of the Palms to Pines Series. The Summer Program has long explored the traditional cultural uses of the plants of the local meadows, streams, high country, and desert spaces to show the medicinal, nutritional, and other uses of oaks and acorns, pinyon pine, yucca, nettles, and more. Learn more about traditional gathering and processing. Then we feast and celebrate together!

Featured experts and culture bearers:
Barbara Drake
Craig Torres
Abe Sanchez
Leslie Mouriquand
Cadie McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy
And other guests

Open to adults and families (ages 10 and up)
Questions: 951.468.7265

Registration Closed –  Introduction to our Cultural Landscapes, Plant Seasonality and Uses
September 29, 2018
Location: Caravan on the Palm to Pines Highway
Tuition: $75

Travel the Palms to Pines Highway and explore its plants along the way, learning their cultural uses as medicine, food, and clothing by the Cahuilla Indians who have lived in the area for millennia. Explore the route’s various ecosystems, how they change relative to elevation, and the economic importance to the Cahuilla of the different plants. This workshop introduces both the Palms to Pines region and the Workshop Series but is not required to complete it.

More details to prepare for Introduction to our Cultural Landscapes, Plant Seasonality and Uses.

Registration Closed – Wild Baked Goods from Native Plants
October 20-21, 2018
Location: Pinyon Pines
Tuition: $125

Learn ancient Native American practices updated for today’s tastes in order to bake with native plants like acorn, buckwheat, mesquite, and ribbonwood. Focus on gathering, processing, and baking with plant flours available in the mountain and desert environments of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains and experiment with traditional Native American breads.

Registration Closed – Soaps & Spa: The Potential of the Pinyon Pine
January 12-13, 2019
Location: Idyllwild
Tuition: $125

Celebrate the New Year by creating fragrant natural soaps and other spa items. Enjoy Idyllwild’s natural beauty as you learn to process pinyon pine for medicinal, therapeutic, and other uses.

Registration Closed – Yucca Processing & Agave Roasting
April 27-28, 2019
Location: Pinyon Pines
Tuition: $125

Southern California’s Cahuilla Indian tribes have traditionally harvested agave and yucca in the spring, processing them for food, medicine, and other uses. Agave and yucca are two of their basic food staples. Learn how they were processed and how to incorporate them into contemporary recipes.

Photos by Deborah Small

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