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Registration is open for 2020 Online Workshops

Gain inspiration and experience in courses designed for either those entering into the world of music or film, or those in pursuit of new opportunities and knowledge in their chosen field.

2020 Online Workshops

Electronic Music Production

Michael Quick
June 21-27, 2020
Five-day session

Explore the world of electronic music and the unique challenges that it presents. This workshop is Ideal for newcomers to electronic music, as well as those looking to expand their production arsenals. Learn how to create electronic works, from simple loops to fully realized songs. 

The curriculum will include electronic music appreciation, critical listening, arrangement, and working with virtual instruments.

You will learn to mix and master your own electronic compositions and share your work with the rest of the world. You will gain experience with the Ableton Live platform and gain confidence with taking your songs from ideation to ultimate completion and online distribution.

Skill Level: All levels
Tuition: $625
Lab Fee: $25 – This workshop’s $20 lab fee includes sound support and use of equipment; you will be asked to bring additional materials.
Enrollment limited to 10 students

What You Will Need

  • Good internet connection 
  • Device to the internet (smartphone, tablet, computer) 
  • Reliable charge for device, fully charged prior to sessions
  • Ableton Live software (90-day trial version available)
  • Over-ear, closed-back Headphones
  • USB microphone (necessary for vocals only)

Songwriting for Adults – Compose & Perform

Don Reed & Kasaan Hammon
July 6-11, 2020
Five-day session

Learn how to develop your ideas into fully realized songs, including lyrics, melody, and music for popular music in all genres. You will work alongside professional mentors to strengthen your storytelling, concepts, hook and melody development, chording and arrangement skills. You will be challenged and gain insight into key refinement skills that take a song from idea to masterpiece.

Daily sessions will give you the foundation for successful songwriting and performance practice, including vocal exercises, writing prompts, multi-topic songwriting lectures with writing tips, applying fresh approaches and angles, refining existing songs, song critiques, one-on-one coaching on writing, vocals, instruments, performance and much more.

Enjoy a hands-on live experience that will make you a more productive, confident and better songwriteras you work with a faculty team led by Don Reed, an experienced performer and teacher. Expect fast-moving daily sessions, using leading-edge software, video conferencing, and breakout opportunities for collaborations, bringing the live intensive learning experience into your home.

Skill Level: All levels
Tuition: $625

Lab Fee: $20 – This workshop’s $20 lab fee includes sound support and use of equipment; you will be asked to bring additional materials.
Materials List: Coming Soon
Enrollment limited to 15 students

Don Reed, an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, has been performing, composing, teaching, and recording music for over 40 years. Don’s multi-instrumental work and compositions have been featured in hundreds of recording projects, television and film soundtracks, and more. 

Kasaan Hammon is former Executive Director of the Association of Independent Music Publishers. She writes and records under the artist name RIGSI and has managed artists and songwriters including Hall of Fame songwriter Albert Hammond.

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