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InterArts / Fashion Design

Putting It All Together

Making movies is all about collaboration. In order to complete any film project, students need to work together as a team. The skills young filmmakers learn at Idyllwild Arts are not just technical relating to f/stops and camera angles; they are also team collaboration, budgeting, time management and so much more.

From screenplay to final edit, the students learn how to make movies by making movies. They do not just talk about movies they actually make movies.

Courses (Ages 14-18)

Fashion Design Intensive

Ages 14-18

July 23–August 5
Two-week session

Culmination: Student Fashion Show
Saturday, August 5, 10 a.m.

Immerse yourself in a thorough introduction to the exciting world of fashion design. This inspiring
workshop is for all students interested in fashion, with or without previous sewing experience.
You will explore the world of fashion, experiencing the process of designing collections as you create projects reflecting your individual aesthetic. Your instructors will bring their professional experiences into the classroom, covering diverse aspects of this fascinating industry, such as fashion history, textiles, and how the clothing industry functions.

You will participate in a wide range of exercises, including creating concept boards and color palette;
selecting fabrics and trim; designing mini collections within specific themes; sketching from live models; cutting and sewing original garments; and styling and staging a fashion show.

Session includes a field trip to visit places all related to the fashion industry. Previous field trips have included touring large company headquarters (Juicy Couture, BCBG), small design studios (Cerre, Karolyn Kiisel), major designer retail stores (Opening Ceremony), fashion design schools (Woodbury University), fashion exhibits (FIDM, BCBG).

Tuition, room and board: $3,165 per session
Lab fee: $200 (Includes fabric and trims, vintage garments, color swatches, field trip, etc.)

Enrollment limited to 12 students.

Faculty: Karolyn Kiisel

Courses (Ages 11-13)

Fashion Design, Art & More

Ages 11-13

July 9-22
Two-week session

Culmination: Student Art Exhibit
Saturday, July 22, 9:30 a.m.

If you love color and design, jewelry making, fashion design, fabric, yarn, tactile art and up-cycling then this is the course for you! Come prepared to indulge yourself in creativity as you spend two weeks completely immersed in designing and creating projects using a variety of mediums. You will learn to use a sewing machine as you construct your designs. Take a field trip to learn how to choose fabrics that best suit your designs and to gather more supplies to use in your projects. You will design and create an original, moveable, collectable mohair animal. Your additional projects may include mosaic, jewelry making, up-cycling denim and T-shirts, knitting, tie-dyeing, and silk painting. Your culmination will include an exhibition of your work as well as a fashion show.
You should bring two pairs of old jeans (any size) and 5–10 T-shirts to be used in our up-cycling projects.

Tuition, room and board: $3,165
Lab fee: $80

Enrollment limited to 10 students.

Faculty: Cat Orlando

Courses (Ages 5-8)

Multi-Arts Day Program

Ages 5–8

Week I: June 26-30
Week II: July 3-7
Week III: July 9-14
Week IV: July 17-21
Week V: July 23-28
Week VI: July 30-August 4

Open House/Student Culmination Each Friday at 2:45 p.m.
Classes meet Monday through Friday. Students may enroll for one or more weeks.

Idyllwild is an ideal vacation area offering hiking, shopping, many restaurants, and quaint motels and cabins. You can book a vacation for yourself and give your child the gift of the Multi-Arts Day Program.

Multi-Arts challenges children to use their imaginations to translate creative ideas and images into visual art, music, movement and creative drama as separate disciplines as well as through integrative arts experiences. Each week the program will revolve around a new theme, so children may come for multiple weeks and gain new discoveries each session.

Students work in large and small groups throughout the day in a variety of age groupings. The learn how to work cooperatively and collaborate in the arts. Designed for ages 5-8; parents should be certain their 5-year-old is ready for a full-day program. Parents are welcome to stay the first morning until Morning Sing is over.

Day Student Tuition: $375 per week
Lab fee: $20 per week

Enrollment limited to 20 students per week.

Faculty: TBA

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