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Exploring and Using Terra Sigillata

Terra sigillata surfaces have rich historical roots and traditions. Moving beyond those traditions, terra sigillata can be colored, layered, and enhanced. Incorporating the use of red earthenware, hand building methods, and daily creative discoveries, we will use terra sigillata and other surface materials as a means to create patterns, layered designs, and enriched surfaces.

While, this workshop focuses on the technical aspects of terra sigillata making and applications, it also aims to expand beyond the technique and create an environment of encouraged creative inquiry. Bring your love of exploration, creative risk-taking, and, of course, your favorite brushes, clay tools, and sketchbooks and supplies.

Rhonda Willers, visual artist, writer, researcher, and author of the book, Terra Sigillata: Contemporary Techniques, focuses on fragility, space, and subtle strength as she works with repetitive forms and markings to elicit thoughts of memories, spiritual spaces, and rituals. Her art practice includes ceramics, mixed media, drawing, painting, and time-based interactive installations and experiences. She has taught workshops for: Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue-Jingdezhen International Studio, Anderson Ranch Arts Center and more. Rhonda actively engages in the ceramics community through her service as President of the Board of Directors for NCECA.


Faculty: Rhonda Willers

Dates: June 26- July 2, 2022

Tuition: $840

Tuition, room and board: $1,710

Lab Fee: $115, includes clay, firing, and shared supplies; you will be asked to bring additional materials.

Skill Level: All levels, though handbuilding experience is recommended.

Enrollment limited to 10 students

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