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OWOI The Series


One World. One Idyllwild.
The Series

In Conversation with Pamela Jordan

One World. One Idyllwild. The Series. brings together thought leaders, creatives, influencers and changemakers, highlighting the work of citizen artists whose careers and lives have been shaped by the transformative power of art.


Future events include conversations with:

Thanh Bui

Join us March 30 at 6pm PDT for the series premiere, as we feature Pamela’s conversation with Thanh Bui, an award-winning Australian-Vietnamese singer-songwriter, with numerous gold records and Number 1 hit songs. Thanh will talk about how his family emigrated to Australia following the Vietnam War, his career as a professional musician, and his decision to return to Vietnam to build an ecosystem to support the arts. Pamela also speaks with Idyllwild Arts Film & Digital Media Senior, Wyatt Rosenthal.

Reveta Bowers

Reveta Bowers, Head of School at the prestigious Center for Early Education in Los Angeles, CA. Pamela also speaks with Idyllwild Arts Senior Aminta Skye, co-founder of Idyllwild Arts’ Black Student Union, and performer at the Inauguration celebration for Vice President Kamala Harris with the California State Society.

Trung Le and Sam Chaltain

Trung Le and Sam Chaltain, founders of 180 Studio. Sam and Le will talk about creating the middle school model for the country of Turkey, working with educational leaders around the world, and their recently released book, Seed + Spark.

Jason Patera

Jason Patera, Head of School at Chicago Academy for the Arts. Jason will talk about the misconceptions surrounding drugs and artmaking, how being an endurance athlete has shaped his views on educating students, and his popular Ted Talk, “Life at the Intersection of Excellence, Purpose, and Passion”.

One World. One Idyllwild. The Series. Is a production of Idyllwild Arts Foundation. Executive Produced and Created by Pamela Jordan. Directed and Produced by Rose Colella. Edited, Engineered and Mastered by Justin Holmes. Graphic Design by Mark Biley. Marketing and Publicity by Wendy Winks. Marketing Assistance by Nick Ryan, Rose Colella and Andrew Edwards. Production and Research Assistance by Keith Miller. Production support by Marianne Kent-Stoll and Palencia Turner. Technical support by John Lawrence, Michael Quick and Tom Wadbrook. Our theme song is “Beaconing”. It was composed and performed by Marshall Hawkins.

Pamela Jordan was appointed President of Idyllwild Arts Foundation in 2014. Prior to this position, she held the distinction of being the first female and first African American Head of School of the Chicago Academy for the Arts, where she held the position for 12 years. She currently serves on the boards of the California Association of Independent Schools, the Association of Boarding Schools, and Arts Schools Network and is on the Global Education Advisory Council for Shanghai Huaer Collegiate School Kunshan.

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