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Common Rooms

Renovated Common Rooms and a Day Student Lounge, anonymously funded by Academy parents, will foster a richer sense of community among Idyllwild Arts students who come from dozens of different countries. These spaces have been improved by new paint, flooring, and lighting in addition to modular furniture, custom bookshelves, charging stations, big-screen smart TV’s, upgraded WiFi, ping pong and foosball tables, and displays of student artwork from the Idyllwild Arts permanent collection.

Upgraded Dorm Room Furniture

Every dorm room on campus features upgraded furniture!

Yamaha Hybrid Pianos

Yamaha’s next-generation AvantGrand hybrid pianos give young musicians everything they could want from a piano in the many practice rooms scattered across the Idyllwild Arts campus.

New Blended Classrooms

Blended classrooms for French and Spanish, funded by an anonymous donor, interweaves traditional instruction with e-learning technology and flexible working spaces. Features include modular furniture, writable wall surfaces, group-work mobile screens, mobile desks with tablet holders, portable Huddleboards, and a height-adjustable teacher’s table.

The Eric Metzler Photo Lab and Lighting Studio

The Eric Metzler Photo Lab and Lighting Studio, thanks to funding by Idyllwild Arts Academy alum Mystral Echavarria of the Class of 2005 and her parents, benefits from a more open space than the former lab and studio, a new coat of paint and upgraded plumbing, commercial-grade carpeting, new darkroom sinks and a teacher’s office, and a unisex restroom.

Breezeway for the Bella Lewitzky Dance Studio

An enclosed and carpeted breezeway for the Bella Lewitzky Dance Studio, funded by Academy parents and the Annual Fund, protects lightly-clad Dance students from the mountain weather—often extreme this past winter—as they walk between their classes and the dressing rooms and restrooms.    

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