Who Will You Become As An Idyllwild Artist?

Idyllwild Artists are living proof that art is the greatest teacher of humanity, demonstrating that the practice of creativity can drive global change. Unmatched talent and passion thrive under our unique curriculum. With personalized educational programming and an acclaimed faculty at the helm, our students reach new creative heights and dominate their field.

A fashion student modeling.
Music students jamming together.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Idyllwild Arts is a sanctuary where art and discovery coexist. Our seven art majors are structured to support every student’s personal creative journey. Citizen Artists come to class as their authentic selves and get hands-on, pre-professional training from world-class working artists. Idyllwild Arts’ innovative dual curriculum seamlessly integrates academic and arts courses to prepare students for limitless possibilities after graduation.

Two people dancing.

Find Yourself at Idyllwild Arts