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Do you dream of seeing your art alive in the world and building a rewarding career in fashion? At Idyllwild Arts, our Fashion Design major dares you to be bold, innovative, and experimental.

Fashion show.
A fashion design student alongside her work.


Our hands-on, pre-professional training covers a range of foundational techniques, including sewing, patternmaking, fashion illustration, conceptual design, figure drawing, color theory, body movement, performance, visual communication, and the study of textiles and fabrics.

Idyllwild Artists create and assemble garments from the ground up, learning to represent their ideas in original patterns, designs, and, ultimately, a themed Senior Collection. Awareness of sustainability, the repurposing of materials, and ecological awareness drive many of our group projects, field trips, Masterclasses, and individual designs.

Collaborate with other departments to develop interdisciplinary projects, and let your creations capture the imagination on the runway at our Fall and Spring Fashion Shows.

A student fashion show.


Fashion design is more than clothing and style–it’s an art form that allows you to express yourself using a powerful, tactile medium. Here, we believe fashion represents the dynamic intersection of art and apparel. Our students emerge exceptionally well-prepared for the next step in their career, whether they choose to enroll in a college program or dive straight into an apprenticeship with an established designer.

Our acclaimed faculty boast professional accomplishments including winning Project Runway, launching signature fashion collections, and designing costumes for major Broadway productions. Students receive exceptional pre-professional training, unique opportunities, and personalized mentorship to create their own visionary designs.

Academy Courses include:

  • Beginning Fashion Design and Construction
  • Intermediate Fashion Design and Construction
  • Advanced Fashion Design and Construction
  • Fashion Illustration including Digital Textiles
  • Fashion Portfolio
  • Fashion History
  • Senior Seminar


Fashion design students can participate in pre-professional internships during the academic year at Palm Springs Fashion Week and work with designers like Trina Turk, Michael Costello, or Edwin Oudshoorn. Spring and summer fashion industry internships are also available in Palm Springs and New York.

These highly anticipated fashion shows hosted by Idyllwild Arts give students the perfect opportunity to showcase their original designs and concepts on the runway.

Junior and senior fashion design students bring their creative work into the spotlight at the Parks Exhibition Center and can apply for their work to be presented in Mt. San Jacinto College’s Recycled Art and Fashion Show. Senior students have the opportunity to participate in LAFW (Los Angeles Fashion Week), a prestigious event where our students can showcase their talents to a wider audience.

Students receive expert instruction from professionals in the fashion industry. Fashion design majors learn hat, shoe, and jewelry-making, knitting and felting, and fashion illustration for their portfolio.

Fashion design majors are encouraged to collaborate with charitable organizations to apply their design skills to help others.

Audition/Portfolio Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer instruction on drafting patterns based on your design sketches. Our curriculum also covers the manipulation of basic blocks and patterns, enabling you to develop them into your final designs.

No, you do not require any previous training or fashion education. All you need is a strong passion and a desire to study fashion!

Yes, we are here to help make your dream of fashion design a reality! You will have the chance to design your own garments and bring them to life with our guidance and support.

Yes, we are dedicated to supporting and encouraging our students to pursue higher education in fashion. We offer portfolio classes and provide guidance to help students prepare for the competitive process of applying to prestigious fashion institutes. We will assist you throughout the application process to increase your chances of success.

One of the most significant events for our senior students is showcasing their designs as designers in the Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW). Participating in LAFW is a major milestone and an exciting opportunity for our students to present their talent and creativity on a prominent platform.

Yes, we have a dedicated fashion studio on our campus. The studio is equipped with Juki industrial single needle machines, overlock machines, industrial size cutting tables, dress forms, and more. It provides a well-equipped and conducive environment for students to work on their fashion projects and bring their designs to life.

Featured Fashion Design Alumni

Quoi Alexander headshot.

Quoi Alexander

2009 – Designer, Artistic Director

Jaya Griscom headshot.

Jaya Griscom

2008 – Owner, Textile Company

Sam Dewey Gartner headshot.

Sam Dewey Gartner

2007 – Costume Designer

Haley Kooyman headshot.

Haley Kooyman

2009 – Magician, Costume Designer

Paul Burgo headshot.

Paul Burgo

2012 – Fashion Stylist

A dancer.

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