At Idyllwild Arts, the Humanities curriculum helps form the cornerstone of a Citizen Artist’s education, empowering them to enrich public discourse, innovate in the arts, and succeed in the diverse professional fields of the 21st century. Humanities Department courses focus on developing the skills of critical analysis, creative thinking, effective communication, and meaningful collaboration, encouraging students to consider how their artistic work can impact themselves and others to create positive change in the world around them.

Two Humanities students reading a book in a library.


Our Humanities program provides the groundwork for an education of the Citizen Artist, a person whose professional success rests on expanding the diversity of civic discourse and reimagining the application of the creative arts. Courses focus on examining the human experience through multiple lenses and instilling vital values such as empathy, respect, responsibility, and integrity, preparing students to become leaders who shape a better world through both their art and their humanity.

Honors Courses

Students have the opportunity to take honors courses beginning in 10th grade. These courses are weighted and provide an in-depth study of History, English, Economics, Ethnic Studies, and more. Entrance into these classes requires an application and department approval, based on the following metrics:

Academy Courses Include

  • English 9
  • English 10
  • English 10, Honors
  • English 11
  • English 11, Honors
  • English 12 offerings: Literature of Western Thought, Honors
  • Electives: Critical Media Studies; Mythology; Science Fiction and Society; Contemporary Poetry; Contemporary Literature; Native American Literature; Graphic Novel; Novel into Film; Aesthetics
  • Social Studies 9
  • Modern World History
  • Modern World History, Honors
  • US History
  • US History, Honors
  • 12th Grade Social Studies Electives: Government and Economics, Government and Economics, Honors; Modern Revolutions; Modern Latin American History; Psychology; Mythology; Comparative Religion in the Modern World; Intro to Philosophy; Modern Middle East Politics and Culture; Introducing Terrorism; Nature and Society

Accepting Applications for Fall 2024