Saturday, May 11 2024

Idyllwild Arts Community Day

Idyllwild Arts Campus

Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 11:30am

Join us on campus for performances and exhibitions featuring students from Dance, Music, Creative Writing, Fashion, Dramatic Arts, and InterArts, lectures and master classes from select IA faculty, presentations that highlight IA’s unique Citizen Artist offerings (Art In Society, Arts Enterprise Laboratory, Creative Technology), a “sneak peek” of the Film & Digital Media’s annual Awards ceremony, and a production of the award winning musical Cabaret. All of this followed by a reception and the conclusion of an online and in-person auction.

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Event Schedule

May 11, 2024 | 11:30 am – 6:00 pm

11:30 am | Check-In at Margaret A. Cargill Commons

11:30 am – 12:15 pm | Lunch
(available for purchase)

12:15 pm – 1:45 pm | Department Presentations at various locations
(see below)

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Cabaret Performance in IAF Theatre

4:00 pm | Cabaret Talkback in IAF Theatre

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm | Closing Reception at Margaret A. Cargill Commons

General Parking | Lower Wayne Parking Lot
Special Assistance Parking | Todd Student Center/Bookstore

Department Demonstrations

Recurring every 30 minutes at
12:15 / 12:45 / 1:15

“Outside In” by Devika Aggarwal

Devika Aggarwal (‘24) has created a 9-foot diameter dome that serves as a collection of different stories, as told through the drawings of the artists. The installation is semi-permanent and will become a community space for inspiration and reflection.

The Arts Enterprise Laboratory (AEL) is a grant program that is unique to Idyllwild Arts Academy and is not available at any other high school in the United States.  AEL supports students’ pursuit of artistic ideas and entrepreneurial opportunities that develop real-life skills applicable to an enterprising career in the arts. 

Art in Society (AIS) is a one-of-a-kind program that inspires students to discover their role in the global community. Through community partnerships and advocacy, AIS cultivates the skills and vision necessary to create lasting change and impact beyond academic achievement. Students acquire the tools to make their mark on the world and become catalysts for positive transformation. 

This year, Art In Society partnered with Gravity Water, an organization that builds clean water systems around the world for communities with safe water scarcity. Students will share their experience partnering with Gravity Water to build a clean water system for Coc San, a sister school in northern Vietnam. 

The marquee AIS event is the Annual Symposium, a full day of thought-provoking programming centered around a topical theme relevant to contemporary social issues. 

IDY Talks provides public speaking forums, held in the village of Idyllwild, and gives students the opportunity to share their creative journeys. IDY Talks builds confidence, promotes public speaking skills, and enhances community. 

Field Work Fridays provide hands-on community service experiences every Friday with partnering organizations providing students with knowledge on conservancy, allyship, sustainability, advocacy, and community. 

Seniors in the Dance Department have the distinct privilege of choreographing their own work each year in the Spring. Directing their peers, selecting compelling music, balancing the composition, and finding their artistic voices are just a few of the experiences in the process. This performance will feature three works from this year’s outstanding Student Choreographed Dance Concert!

The Idyllwild Arts Dance Department boasts a multi-discipline program of cutting-edge training in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop techniques. The program is built around the American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum, which combines rigorous artistic training with the fundamentals of dancer health and child development. 

Meet Reina Meek, Executive Director of the Center for Creativity & Social Entrepreneurship, as she shares the goals of this innovative program.

In 2016, Idyllwild Arts launched the Creative Technology Program to enhance and supplement students’ academic and artistic projects.  Students explore 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC routing.  The Creative Technology Program allows students access to advancements unparalleled at the high school level.

In 2023, Idyllwild Arts launched the Center for Creativity & Social Entrepreneurship (CCSE). The CCSE is designed to be a dynamic hub of innovation and creative exploration and will cultivate a progressive, inclusive community of thinkers, pioneers, and socially-conscious citizens with expanded access to creative technology and groundbreak programming. At the intersection of technology and arts, the CCSE empowers learners to transform their thinking, broaden their perspective, unleash their courage, and expand their skills to become transformative agents in the world. 

Students will present a display of fashion sketches, patterns, and garments that showcase their creativity and talent!

Fashion design is more than clothing and style–it’s an art form that allows one to express oneself using a powerful, tactile medium. At Idyllwild Arts, we believe fashion represents the dynamic intersection of art and apparel. Fashion students create and assemble garments from the ground up, learning to represent their ideas in original patterns, designs, and, ultimately, a themed Senior Collection. Students have participated in or showcased their fashions in LA Fashion Week, Palm Springs Fashion Week, and the New York Times.  Our acclaimed faculty boast professional accomplishments including winning Project Runway, launching signature fashion collections, and designing costumes for major Broadway productions. 

Come get a sneak peek of young filmmakers whose works have been featured on Time Square in the National High School Film Festival. See rolling videos, trailers of student works, and students editing in real time! 

The Idyllwild Arts Film & Digital Media (F&DM) program provides an immersive, practical education in the art of filmmaking, digital media, and audiovisual content production. By fostering innovation through the exploration of emerging media technologies, the department equips students with the expertise and professional connections to succeed in the dynamic world of feature films, documentaries, television, and new media. Idyllwild Arts filmmakers learn to effectively develop, articulate, and communicate their ideas, ultimately transforming them into impactful, engaging film and digital media productions.

Hear an episode from Radio IAA!  Watch an Art in Society presentation!  Pick up a copy of the student produced, award-winning magazine Parallax!  Students will be stationed throughout the venue to share their process.

Interdisciplinary artists find their true calling in the InterArts Department at Idyllwild Arts. In a supportive community of artists and scholars who inspire one another to reach new heights of creative excellence, students learn to push limits and navigate different mediums and disciplines. Students explore and develop their skills across arts disciplines, create new and blended art forms and techniques, carve their own artistic pathway across any and all arts departments, and gain access to all arts faculty and facilities.

Join Shaliyah Ben (diné ), Executive Director of the Native American Arts Center, for a curated tour of campus murals created by or dedicated to Indigenous People. Included will be a description of the Meadows Restoration Project currently underway.

Since its founding in 1946, Idyllwild Arts has been firmly rooted in respect for and reverence of Native American arts and culture. While the Summer Program has offered dynamic Native American Arts workshops and programming for over 70 years, the Native American Arts Center opened in 2022 to expand these offerings year-round, effectively establishing Idyllwild Arts as a leader in supporting Indigenous artistic expression and cultural affirmation. The Native American Arts Center curates a robust calendar of workshops, performances, lectures, exhibitions, and other engaging community events led by Indigenous teaching artists, traditional knowledge bearers, and scholars in many fields who cross-pollinate their talents while providing valuable educational opportunities.

See the students in action during open rehearsals, cold readings and improv on the stage of the Lowman Concert Hall. Student performers will include classical musicians, singer-songwriters, and jazz musicians.

Musicians at Idyllwild Arts refine their technique under the guidance of our world-renowned faculty. Idyllwild Arts’ pre-professional training curriculum instills the discipline, skills, and confidence that transforms raw talent into endless opportunities for our graduates. The Music Department fosters dynamic creativity while upholding the highest standards of musical excellence and nurturing the talents and passions of young musicians from across the globe. 

Experience BLOOM, the 9th & 10th grade exhibition. Presenting the creativity and technical ability of the department’s youngest, but no less talented Visual Arts students. 

The Visual Arts Department provides an immersive, thoughtful, and collaborative environment where technical ability intersects with inspiration, empowering visual artists to question, envision, and create the ideas that shape our culture. By examining the context in which art is created and interpreted through the study of art history, theory, and criticism, students gain a deeper understanding of their own artistic voice and how to express it in meaningful ways.

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April 28 – May 11, 2024 

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About Community Day

With the support of our community and friends, Idyllwild Arts provides scholarships, academic and artistic education, and unique programs designed to nurture young citizen artists. All proceeds contribute toward the $8 million committed annually to deliver our mission of changing lives through the transformative power of art. 

Idyllwild Arts is committed to creating meaningful giving opportunities designed to support specific initiatives and institutional needs that enrich and enhance the student learning experience. Giving to Idyllwild Arts is always about students.

Scholarships: Access for
Deserving Students

Idyllwild Arts Academy is one of the most socio-economically, racially, geographically, artistically, and culturally diverse independent schools in the United States. Your gift towards scholarships directly contributes to the diversity of our student body, shaping a future where art and creativity address the needs, aspirations, and dreams of our global community.

Your gift of $10K supports merit- and need-based scholarships for students to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy

Your gift of $5K supports 3 students to attend Idyllwild Arts Summer Camp

Your gift of $2K supports the Meaningful Access Program for low income students

Your gift of $1K supports transportation to and from campus for low income students

Multiple gifts of any size support the Idyllwild Arts Scholarship Program

Guest Artists: Enriching Opportunities

Our Guest Artists Series brings high-profile professional artists to campus to create meaningful and often life-changing experiences for our students through master classes, lectures, and performances.

Idyllwild Arts also provides opportunities for students to participate in professional forums that enrich their artistic studies. Participating in exhibitions and performances such as Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery, the Lucy Arnaz Award Competition, the All American High School Film Festival, and the Reno Jazz Festival provide real-world experiences and often lead to professional opportunities for students.

Your gift of $10k supports the Guest Artists Series for one Art Department

Your gift of $5K supports student competitions and off-campus exhibitions and performances

Your gift of $2K supports Guest Speakers for Art In Society and Arts Enterprise Laboratory

Your gift of $1K supports access to creative technology for students of all departments and grade levels

Multiple gifts of any size support guest artists in each Art Department

Academic & Artistic Studies:  Educational Excellence

Idyllwild Arts Academy offers a unique blend of college-preparatory academics and pre-professional arts courses. Supporting academic and artistic programs helps the school attract and retain high-performing teachers and staff who are equipped to prepare students for college, conservatories and mid-21st Century careers and pathways. Providing competitive compensation, professional development and campus housing options allows the school to attract experienced, professional instructors who help students explore their creative potential, sharpen their skills, and develop into thoughtful Citizen Artists fully prepared to make an impact in the world.

Your gift of $10k supports residential life staff who serve as dorm parents

Your gift of $5K supports housing improvements and utilities for faculty/staff housing

Your gift of $2K supports community arts programs for students ages 5-13 (such as Dance and Theatre workshops)

Your gift of $1K supports professional development for faculty & staff

Multiple gifts of any size support educational programs

Become a Community Partner 

Each year Idyllwild Arts hosts events and receptions that bring together our community and secure much needed support for Summer, Academy and auxiliary programs. Community Partners support educational programs by underwriting receptions, hosting engagement events around the world, and donating wine, services and other goods that help defray costs. 

Additionally, Idyllwild Arts students participate in more than 100 performances, presentations, and art exhibitions each year. Community Partners help defray costs associated with concerts, readings, film screenings, dance performances, musicals, plays, recitals, publications, podcasts, and symposiums.

IAA for me is about transformation. It is about getting to know yourself better every day. It is about mastering the art you are passionate about all day long. It is about a place where you and your craft are welcomed, accepted and supported. It is about astonishing nature, cozy evenings in the pines with a hot cup of pumpkin spiced tea. It is about like-minded and inspiring people around. It is about home.

This is the place where you can be free, where you can discover, create, envision, and start the rest of your life.

Idyllwild Arts was a beautiful facility that provided for my child’s every need physically, socially and even financially in developing her craft.