An Immersive Semester Experience

Semester Exchange Program

Do you dream about unleashing your inner artist and wish there was a community where you could figure out who you are and who you are meant to be? In the Semester Exchange Program, students experience the power of artistic immersion by shaping their journey into a force for positive change and community engagement.

An Immersive Semester Experience 

In this dynamic, personalized offering through the InterArts department, both International and Domestic 10th and 11th grade students can immerse themselves in Idyllwild Arts Academy’s beautiful mountaintop campus in Southern California for a single semester. 

Holistic Arts Education

Semester students benefit from our InterArts program, where renowned faculty guide students in exploring interdisciplinary artistic expressions. Build your unique pathway and refine your creative voice in a supportive, nontraditional environment. 

Customized Curriculum

Semester students customize an academic path paired with a holistic arts education led by diverse, industry-leading faculty to complement artistic pursuits.  Students elevate their creative skills and broaden their academic horizons. 

Semester Seminar and Capstone Project:
Semester students collaborate with peers to develop and execute a capstone project that reflects a collective artistic vision and demonstrates their unique learning experience.

Art in Society

Semester students discover their role and develop their voice through our signature Art in Society program. Students learn what a “citizen artist” is by cultivating skills for positive societal impact through community engagement and advocacy.

International Connections

Semester students forge lifelong connections with artists from all over the world, and gain a global perspective while exploring Southern California’s rich cultural offerings.

Supportive Community

Semester students create lasting memories in an environment brimming with inspiration, join a close-knit community of passionate artists, and have access to resources at our Wellness Center, including counseling and support groups.


We are currently accepting Semester Exchange Program applications for Fall Semester 2024 (August 24 – December 13, 2024) and Spring Semester 2025 (January 13 – May 21, 2025)

Your semester journey to artistic growth starts with 3 easy steps!
No essays, recommendations, interviews, or auditions/portfolios required. 

1) Application

Fill out the application form & answer “Yes” to this question: “Is this application for the Semester Exchange Program?”

2) Artist Statement

Share a brief paragraph detailing what art forms you are interested in studying during the Semester Program (1-3 sentences). Please submit your email response to

3) Transcripts

Provide transcripts or progress reports from both the current school year and the previous year. Please submit to

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