Idyllwild Arts Academy & Summer Program

Campus Facilities

Discover the living and learning spaces that draw students from all over the world to innovate, collaborate, and grow.

The exterior of the William M. Lowman Concert Hall.

Student Common Areas


Whether it’s forging new friendships, working on group projects, or simply taking a well-earned break, our campus common areas play a vital role in enhancing the overall student experience and creating a sense of belonging within the community. These areas serve as gathering spots where students can socialize, study, and unwind in a comfortable and inclusive environment.

Outdoor space.

Dining Hall

Food supports physical, social, emotional, mental, and cultural well-being — which together support overall health. Located at the heart of campus, Nelson Dining Hall is the community hub for nourishment, socializing, and connection. Our nutritious menu intentionally features international cuisines reflecting our diverse student body, the latest culinary trends, and lots of variety to please all palates and meet a range of dietary needs.

Dining hall.

Health Center

The Health Center is dedicated to supporting the physical health of all students so that they can fully engage in the wide spectrum of experiences available at Idyllwild Arts. Health Center staff members are tireless advocates for student well-being, and maintain an open and communicative relationship with both students and parents. The Health Center operates in accordance with all current laws and guidelines to treat illness, dispense medication, update medical records, maintain confidentiality, and coordinate care with external physicians and facilities.

Health center.

Wellness Center

Supervised by the Dean of Students and in collaboration with the Director of Counseling Services, the Wellness Center supports the mental health needs of all students by providing high quality mental health services to promote the overall wellbeing, retention, and success of our diverse student population. Offerings include counseling, support groups, and enrichment workshops.

Wellness center exterior.

Fitness Facilities

By ensuring that our students engage in regular physical exercise, we help them build a foundation for a healthy and productive life. At Idyllwild Arts, students can take advantage of both indoor and outdoor facilities including a fully-equipped fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, dance studios, and miles of nature trails for hiking and exploring.

Students on a hike.

Krone Library

The Max and Beatrice Krone Library supports the students, faculty, and staff with accessible information resources and thoughtful programming. The library has over 22,000 books, DVDs, CDs, LPs, music scores, and an extensive collection of young adult fiction. The Krone Library houses a computer lab with state-of-the-art technology and a multimedia classroom with a high definition projector and smart board. There is also a music lab that contains music composition and film scoring equipment and stations to listen to the 1,000s of LPs. The library also houses the Krone Museum, which is dedicated to preserving the history of Idyllwild Arts.

Krone library exterior.


Our dormitories provide safe, secure, and comfortable living arrangements with ensuite baths including private showers and bathtubs. Common areas have cozy sofas, pool tables, flat screen TV/DVD players, fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, and storage.

Two students in their dorm room.

Production and Performance Spaces


Idyllwild Artists have access to state-of-the-art equipment and first-rate production spaces. As the arts continue to shift and evolve in the world, so do our offerings—expanding in lockstep with industry trends, technologies, and innovations. From throwing clay and perfecting choreography, to rehearsing a solo, layering garments, or editing digital shorts, students have access to pre-professional spaces that allow their talent to flourish and thrive.

A photography class.

IAF Theatre

The IAF Theatre can accommodate 300 guests for music, dance, and theatrical performances. It provides the quintessential “center stage” experience where our students’ talents shine bright and magical performances come to life.


Bruce Ryan Soundstage

The Bruce Ryan Soundstage is a full-service, professional production studio with industry-standard lighting, camera/rig equipment, green room, post-production, sound design room, editing studio, and set design materials and apparatus’ for film, television, and digital media productions.


Fisher and Lewitzky Dance Studios

The Fisher and Lewitzky Dance Studios are dedicated, professional rehearsal spaces where dancers refine their skills, technique, and artistry.

Dancers practicing in a studio.

Kennedy Kiln Center

The Kennedy Kiln Center is a specialized facility equipped with kilns for firing pottery, ceramics, and other clay objects, facilitating the transformation of raw clay into durable and beautifully finished works of art.

Students working on hot clay.

Parks Exhibition Center

The Parks Exhibition Center is a professional art gallery and exhibition space that showcases a diverse collection of visual artworks, providing a platform for our own Idyllwild Artists as well as visiting artists to showcase and sell their their creations.

A gallery.

Music Practice Rooms

The Music Practice Rooms, commonly known as the Troys, are rustic, private, sound-proofed, A-frame cabins that allow for uninterrupted practice sessions where musicians hone their skills, rehearse, and perfect their compositions.

A student practicing piano in a practice room with a teacher.

Holmes Amphitheatre

The Holmes Amphitheatre is our iconic, open-air venue with tiered seating and a large stage where performances, concerts, and events captivate audiences amidst the scenic, natural landscape.

Holmes ampitheatre.

William M. Lowman Concert Hall

Designed by award-winning architect Whitney Sander, the 8,000 square-foot William M. Lowman Concert Hall is a breathtaking, world-class, acoustically engineered indoor concert venue for awe-inspiring musical performances by students and visiting musicians. Lowman is a stunning, state-of-the-art modern performance space able to accommodate everything from single recitals to full-scale orchestras.

An orchestra performing.

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