Notable Alumni

Idyllwild Arts Alumni represent more than 100 countries and are among the most talented global changemakers in the world. Our alumni span every industry, represent every artistic discipline and succeed in virtually every career. Many chose to advance their arts foundation to become accomplished, professional artists while others chose to become inventors, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, teachers, and professionals of all kinds. No matter the path, Idyllwild Arts alumni pioneer new ideas, set new standards, and make a difference in the world.

Notable Alumni

Johanna Elisabeth Gjersvik headshot.

Johanna Elisabeth Gjersvik

Creative Writing ’01

Julian Barnett headshot.

Julian Barnett

Dance – ’98

Neal Beasley headshot.

Neal Beasley

Dance – ’00

Marisa Hamamoto headshot.

Marisa Hamamoto

Dance – ’00

Anila Mazhari headshot.

Anila Mazhari

Dance – ’05

Andrew Cowan headshot.

Andrew Cowan

Dance – ’02

Orpheo McCord headshot.

Orpheo McCord

Music – ’98

Angelina Burnett headshot.

Angelina Burnett

Theatre – ’96

Jeanann Dara Siedman headshot.

Jeanann Dara

Music – ’99

Clayton Alexander headshot.

Clayton Alexander

Theatre – ’94

Andy Khouri headshot.

Andy Khouri

Theatre – ’98

Elora Hardy headshot.

Elora Hardy

InterArts – ’99

Tara Kintz headshot.

Tara Kintz

InterArts – ’94

Quoi Alexander headshot.

Quoi Alexander

Fashion Design – ’09

Laura Holliday headshot.

Laura Holliday

Film & Digital Media – ’11

Yao Guang Zhai headshot.

Yao Guang Zhai

Music – ’05

Gunvor Sihm headshot.

Gunvor Sihm

Music – ’04

Mara Wilson headshot.

Mara Wilson

Theatre – ’05

Celeste Headlee headshot.

Celeste Headlee

Theatre – ’87

Neal Bledsoe headshot.

Neal Bledsoe

Theatre – ’01

Jacque Carnahan headshot.

Jacque Carnahan

Theatre – ’98

Monica Lundy headshot.

Monica Lundy

Visual Arts – ’92

Amber Pairis headshot.

Amber Pairis

Visual Arts – ’92

Trevor Hall headshot.

Trevor Hall

Music – ’05

Jacob Scesney headshot.

Jacob Scesney

Music – ’11

Idyllwild Arts alumni.

About Our Community

The alumni of Idyllwild Arts are some of the most talented individuals to be entering the workforce. Whether working in their art major, pioneering new ideas or setting new standards, our talented alumni are successful in every sense of the word.

Idyllwild Arts and its music faculty, especially Marshall Hawkins, have made me the person I am today. Being surrounded by people who are passionate about art made me confident as an artist and human being.”

Idyllwild Arts is one of the most supportive, enriching, and artistically vibrant environments I have ever experienced. I was offered a wealth of creative opportunities and exposed to a unique community of artists from around the globe.

At Idyllwild Arts, I learned how to see. Seeing through drawing, and then being nurtured to taking the next steps and make things with my own hands empowered me to believe I could create the world as I imagined it should be.

As a filmmaker, I learned so much about my personal taste and my strengths from making movies at Idyllwild Arts. That has really allowed me to make use of my time in college and start making things I’m proud of sooner.

Idyllwild landscape.

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