World Languages

Language is the heart of cultures, communities, and connections across the globe. Students of World Languages at Idyllwild Arts are immersed in language programs to not only deepen their understanding of the written and spoken word in other cultures, but to transcend communication barriers and expand creativity.

Two students in the library.
A faculty member teaching a Spanish class.


The World Languages program aims to provide students with an understanding of different cultures and societies around the world through language immersion. The program offers five levels of study in Spanish and French, and three levels of English as a Second Language with our English for Academic Communication Program (EAC). Students who want to deepen their language skills can enroll in advanced and honors courses. Other language learning tracks are accessible in online programs.

In addition to language instruction, the World Languages department focuses on research in linguistics, language acquisition, and language pedagogy in and outside of the classroom. Structural pods facilitate writing, reading, listening, and conversational techniques in an immersive group setting. Organized trips to France, Spain, and Latin America make way for personal transformation, broadening students’ perspectives through experience.

Academy Courses Include

Basic Requirements

To fulfill high school foreign language credits for graduation and reach beginning proficiency, students must take Level 1 and Level 2 (two sequential years) of either Spanish or French.

Further Study

To deepen world language skills and reach intermediate to advanced proficiency, we offer Levels 3, 4, and 5 (all Honors) in both Spanish and French. In these courses, we encourage interdisciplinary collaboration across arts departments to augment the basic world language curriculum.

Accepting Applications for Fall 2024