Auxiliary Programs

Discover extra-curricular workshops at Idyllwild Arts where children can enhance their creative energy with in-person Dance and Theatre workshops. For students (ages 3-13), fun-filled Saturday mornings will inspire artistic exploration and joy!

Students during a musical rehearsal.


Auxiliary Programs workshops will inspire your artistic and creative spirit and are the perfect enhancement to the regular school curriculum. Citizen-artists are needed more than ever to help bring communities together, develop creative solutions and challenge the status quo.

We’re all-ages education in the summer. Last year my youngest student was five years old. My oldest student was 92. Summer and auxiliary programs are a way for anybody to participate in Idyllwild Arts.

Idyllwild Arts is all about self-discovery. Discovery of your creative abilities. Discovery of your friends. Discovery of all kinds of things.

When I came back for the first time and saw the way my child was expressing herself through her art, I knew immediately this was the exact place for us.

When I come here, I feel like we’re all artists together, here to lift up each other’s work. There’s no competition. We’re here to support each other as artists.

We teach these kids to be their best person. It’s not about the highest score or the most accomplished artist, but it’s being the best they can be.

Auxiliary Program FAQs

Idyllwild Arts Auxiliary Programs are committed to supporting arts education for students from a wide variety of backgrounds, regardless of a family’s ability to pay the full tuition amount. We encourage any family interested in an Idyllwild Arts Auxiliary Programs to apply for a financial need-based scholarship.

This application is good for one school year, from Fall through Spring. The application does not need to be filled out more than once per year, but funding is not automatically guaranteed. Email to be considered for financial aid for each season that you participate.

Summer scholarship applications use FAST and are not included as a part of this application.

A committee will review your application and respond to you within two weeks. Scholarships are used to support either all or a portion of program tuition. All recipients are responsible for their $25 application fee and transportation to and from campus.

Idyllwild Arts offers Auxiliary Programs and the refund policy for these workshops are as follows:

Full payment is due the day the student registers online for an Auxiliary program (unless paying by check, in which case a check should be mailed or brought to campus before the first class meets.) Please do not give checks to the teacher directly. Consider paying by echeck, which works the same as a paper check and does not charge any fees.

Withdrawal Less than 30 Days Before the Class is Scheduled to Begin: No refunds whatsoever will be made less than 30 days before a class is scheduled to begin.

Workshops canceled more than 30 days prior to the start date of the class: All fees will be refunded, with the exception of the $25 application fee and a 3% credit card processing fee on the original amount paid.