Grades & Transcripts


Idyllwild Arts Academy uses Blackbaud’s MySchoolApp ( as our web-based student information system. All students and parents receive log-in codes and have access to the student’s “IAA Account.” Grades, comments, and attendance are posted regularly, and can be accessed 24 hours a day. The IAA Account also contains a directory of faculty contact information. The IAA Account is valid and active throughout the student’s years of attendance at Idyllwild Arts Academy and does not need to be reactivated each year.

Due to the accessibility of grade information throughout the school year through the IAA Account, we do not mail grade reports home. It is expected that all students and parents regularly check their IAA Account to monitor progress. If parents have questions about grades in their student’s IAA Account, we encourage them to first discuss those with the student and then directly contact the teacher and the advisor if questions remain.

Please contact our IT Department,, if you have trouble logging in or Maggie Lam, the Registrar,, if you have questions regarding how to use your IAA account.


Transcripts are generated upon request for students applying to colleges, universities, conservatories, other post-secondary schools, summer programs, and other institutions requiring grade and enrollment documentation. Please email Maggie Lam, the Registrar, to request a transcript. Please provide a full address and to whose attention the transcript should be sent. Parents may make these requests for students under age 18; students age 18 and older must make the requests themselves and must provide identification if not using their Idyllwild Arts email account.

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