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At its core, Art in Society (AIS) is a program that inspires students to discover their unique role in the global community. Through community partnership and advocacy, AIS cultivates the skills and vision necessary to create lasting change and impact beyond academic achievement. You’ll have the tools to make your mark on the world and become a catalyst for positive transformation.

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Open to students of all disciplines and grade levels, AIS encourages collaboration and peer support as you apply your skills and creativity in meaningful ways. Our program combines passion and purpose to offer a truly unique learning experience. You’ll earn a full arts credit with just two classes per week, one on campus and one off-campus, allowing you to explore the true meaning of community and use your gifts to affect positive change.

Whether it’s making sustainable kits for unhoused families or preparing your own public presentation for the IDY Talks series, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your artistic evolution and make a difference in the world. Join AIS and discover the transformative power of art.

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The marquee AIS event is the annual Symposium, a full day of thought-provoking programming centered around a topical theme relevant to contemporary social issues. The day’s lineup always includes a wide array of student artwork, performances, interactive sessions, and special guests exploring the critical role of the arts in our global community.

2024 marks the 7th Annual Art in Society Symposium, which explores the theme of WATER through a day of engaging programming:

Engage | Collaborative & interactive student works intertwine artistic and academic perspectives on the historical, literary and scientific significance of water, its impact on our lives,and its powerful creative presence in all forms of art.

Celebrate | Gravity Water announces Art in Society’s successful first global campaign: raising the funds needed to build a clean water filtration system for children and families in Vietnam.

Flow | Special guest Lula Washington Dance Theatre presents a dance performance based on global rituals and movement around water.

IDY Talks

This public speaking forum, held in the village of Idyllwild, gives students the opportunity to share their creative journeys. IDY Talks builds confidence, promotes public speaking skills, and enhances community.

Field Work Fridays

AIS students engage in hands-on community service every Friday with partnering organizations like The Community Garden, Idyllwild Historical Society, The Green Nursery, and Idyllwild Nature Center. Through this collaboration, students gain knowledge on conservancy, allyship, sustainability, and advocacy, while discovering the power of art in building a stronger community.

Global Partnerships

This year Art in Society Is partnering with Gravity Water, an organization that builds clean water systems around the world for communities with safe water scarcity. Without safe water, communities suffer from lack of hygiene, education, problems with human trafficking, and drugs. AIS students are leading a fundraising campaign to build a Gravity Water system for Coc San, a sister school in northern Vietnam. Clean water promotes education, health, and safety for children in this impoverished, agricultural region.

Scan the QR Code to Donate to the AIS Gravity Water Fundraising Campaign

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Outstanding Citizen Artist Award

Each year, Art in Society recognizes exemplary seniors with the Outstanding Citizen Artist Award. This honor is given to graduating students whose participation in AIS has shown exceptional commitment to community service and creative collaboration that inspires social change.

Accepting Applications for Fall 2024