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An Exciting New Partnership!

Dear Visitor,

Idyllwild Arts is pleased to embrace a new partnership with Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy, under the leadership of its visionary founder, Thanh Bui.

As an international, residential arts academy, Idyllwild Arts creates a unique environment that nurtures talented and passionate young artists. Our partnership with Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy offers an exciting opportunity for Idyllwild Arts Academy to provide access to excellent arts training to the promising and talented young artists of Vietnam. Our master teachers guide the practice of creativity and artistry in each artistic discipline, providing students a pathway to a creative life and success in the arts and beyond. 

Alumnus Neal Beasly, ‘00, said it best, “My time at Idyllwild was the cornerstone of my artistic development. The nurturing faculty—with their relentless encouragement, attention, and care—combined with the presence of like-minded, devoted young artists, fostered a profound sense of possibility, an abiding work ethic, and a core belief in myself as a person and artist. These qualities have paved the way for my life and career, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have called Idyllwild home during such formative years.

As Idyllwild Arts embarks on this new partnership, we do so by widening our reach and fulfilling our vision to be the most dynamic arts community in the nation. Immersion in excellent arts training is very powerful in a young person’s life and can be transformational and pivotal in the choices afforded them. Whether pursuing arts instruction online or on our beautiful and secluded 205-acre forested campus, the partnership between Idyllwild Arts Academy and Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy will allow Vietnamese students to approach life with fervent originality and focused understanding that art is pathway to constant growth – personally, professionally, and globally.

Warmest regards,

Pamela Jordan
President, Idyllwild Arts Foundation

Idyllwild Arts Partners with Vietnamese Arts School

The new partnership of Idyllwild Arts with Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy connects Idyllwild Arts to Vietnam’s wide and deep reservoir of talent while giving Vietnamese young people “the kinds of choices and pathways forward that every child deserves,” according to Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy founder Thanh Bui, interviewed via Zoom on Aug. 25.

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