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COMMUNITY VOICES: Why Idyllwild? By Erica Nashan


By Erica Nashan

Director of Art in Society

The mountains surrounding Idyllwild Arts Academy have attracted creatives for over a century, and human civilization has sought the clear water, open skies, and coolness from the desert for thousands of years. There is a spirit that beckons us, and natural beauty that sparks the imagination. We find health, renewal, and space to work on artistic development that requires both inward and outward learning.

The villages of Idyllwild, Fern Valley, Mountain Center and Pine Cove share a commitment to the safety and welfare of all of their inhabitants, including support of the Idyllwild Arts campus. This coexistence and mutual appreciation for the arts, artists,
intellectuals, and entrepreneurs, surrounds the school with a support system uniquely adapted to its environs.

While students have the opportunity to explore the world outside within the safety of the mountain communities, they also have access to the protected forests on and off campus, that serve as a retreat and source of renewal for mind, body and spirit. Idyllwild Arts embodies the coming together of these essential resources that grow the creative artist inside and out.