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Hand-building for Dreamers and Freethinkers

porcelain artwork by Melissa Weiss

This hand-building class will stretch your imagination, free your mind and loosen you up. Think of it as if ceramics were a free jazz ecstatic dance science class. Beginners to pros are welcome here and no one will be intimidated or bored. We will carve, pinch, pound, coil, slab and squish clay into pots, sculptures and wild things not yet discovered.

We will make pots for food, drink and all kinds of ceramic adornments for your home. We will spend time on surface decoration, glazes, clay and firing. This class is suited for first time clay timers and more experienced clay timers.

Melissa Weiss is a full time studio potter. She has taught workshops and exhibited around the country. She is self-taught and has been working in clay for 18 years. Melissa digs her clay from land in the Arkansas Ozarks and makes a custom stoneware that she uses to make all of her pots. She fires a gas kiln to Cone 10 reduction and cools it with wood. She is a never-ending experimenter.

Instagram: @melissaweisspottery

Faculty: Melissa Weiss

Dates: June 25 – July 1, 2023
Each week begins on Sunday at 9 a.m. and ends Saturday morning after the kilns are unloaded.

Tuition: $940

Tuition, room and board: $1,966

Lab Fee: $90, includes clay, firing, and shared supplies; you will be asked to bring additional materials.

Skill Level: All levels

Enrollment limited to 12 students

We will cover many handbuilding techniques; coil, pinch, slab, carving, etc. We will discuss and Melissa will demo in depth about surface decoration using slips, glazes, underglazes, oxides, Mishima, wax resist, and layering.

porcelain artwork by Melissa Weiss
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