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Jewelry Intensive

Create and construct one-of-a-kind jewelry. You will learn the design theory and fabrication techniques needed to make wearable art. This intensive exploration of jewelry design and construction includes one-on-one instruction for both beginning and advanced students. You will learn basic soldering, sawing, forming, gemstone setting and additional techniques using found and unusual materials.

Your projects will emphasize three-dimensional design, using a combination of metals techniques to create earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets in copper, brass, and sterling silver. Expect to explore contemporary fashion trends and timeless styles. From this program, you will leave with silversmithing skills, as well as a collection of finished handmade jewelry that expresses your individual point of view.

Lab fee includes the use of all tools, equipment, brass, copper, sterling silver, gemstones, and consumables such as solder, sandpaper, acetylene gas, polishing compounds, and more.

Jewelry Intensive does not require any type of assessment or portfolio to get into the program. Instructors will work with your child at the level that they are at. Your child will improve and learn new skills whether they are a beginner or have been making jewelry for years.

14 – 17

July 16 – July 22, 2023
One week Session

Student Exhibition
Date, time and location TBD

Tuition, room and board

Day Student tuition

Lab Fee

Health & Safety Fee

Enrollment Capacity
12 Students
Total Capacity includes Residential and Day Students


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