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Cahuilla Basketry

Utilizing traditional methods, you will learn how to create your own Cahuilla-style coiled basket using yucca, juncus and deer grass. During the week, you are invited to participate in a field trip to the nearby Cahuilla Reservation, where you will learn how to identify, gather and prepare the plants used in basket-making.

Indigenous people of California have a long legacy of producing baskets of great diversity and beauty. In this workshop, you will learn about the highly regarded and exquisite work of Cahuilla Basketry. Over the last three decades, the Cahuilla people have experienced a revival in the art, form and function of basket-making.

  • Small portable lamp (clamp is best)
  • Seat cushion
  • For field trip: 
    • Gardening gloves
    • Long sleeved shirt
    • Jeans/pants
    • Favorite closed-toe walking shoes
    • Sunscreen
    • Hat

Find the full materials list here.

Rose Ann Hamilton (Cahuilla, Apapatkiktem clan) first learned from renowned Cahuilla basket-weaver Donna Largo at Idyllwild Arts in 1993. She has taught Cahuilla basket classes and presented at Cahuilla, Santa Rosa, Ramona, Agua Caliente, Los Coyotes, Santa Ysabel, San Manuel, and Morongo Indian Reservations, as well as the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Autry Museum, Agua Caliente Museum, and San Manuel conferences at CSUSB, and Crafton Hills College. She has participated in gatherings at Los Coyotes, Santa Ysabel, and Soboba reservations. Her inspiration and passion for the art of basket weaving came from her grandmother, Rosanda Apapas Hopkins Tortez Lugo, and great-grandmother, Antonia Casero, Cahuilla master weavers.

Generous donors have made scholarships and fellowships for adult workshops available on a limited basis for these specific groups:

1) Native American Community Leaders, Artists, Members, and Teachers
2) Inland Empire Teachers, Professors, and Graduate Students

Scholarships include tuition, dorm housing, and all meals provided by the campus dining service.

Scholarship Details: 

1) Native American Community Members, Leaders, Artists, and Teachers

For adults 19 and older, with current tribal affiliation. The scholarship is designed to bring community leaders, artists, members, and teachers,  to workshops at Idyllwild Arts to benefit both the scholarship

 recipients themselves as well as those in their schools or tribal communities. Applicants with financial need may receive priority. We also offer scholarships for Native American Teens for both the Summer Program and the Academy.

2) Inland Empire Teachers, Professors, and Graduate Students

For teachers and graduate students from the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and the adjacent areas). This scholarship brings teachers and graduate students to Idyllwild Arts to attend Native American Arts workshops. This is designed to benefit both recipients as well as their students and communities. Applicants with financial need may receive priority. Provided through the generous support of the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians.

Click here for more information about adult scholarships.

Age: 19 years and above

June 21-25, 2021
One week session

Tuition: $755

Lab Fee:
$45, includes materials and personal set of tools; you may be asked to bring additional materials.

Skill Level: All levels

Enrollment is limited to 6 students. (Capacity may increase to 12 pending changes in Health Guidelines from the CDC and local authorities.)

The field trip this year will not be organized as a group event. Participants will need to use their own vehicles to attend the field trip. Carpooling may be permissible pending changes in Health Guidelines from the CDC and local authorities.

Rose Ann Hamilton

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