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Young Writers Workshop: The Un-Workshop Workshop

Just as every young person’s voice is completely unique, many of today’s great writers don’t fit exclusively into categories like poetry, fiction, or journalism. Ever heard of prose poetry? Flash fiction? How about a lyric essay? As digital media and publishing continue to change, literary forms are likewise evolving. In this exciting summer camp workshop, you will explore classic approaches to writing and discover new forms and forums. You might even invent your own genre!

You will meet daily with popular poet and educator Brendan Constantine in an atmosphere of wonder and enterprise, engaging in writing, lively debate and discussion, word games and a few surprises. You will also learn stress-free, no-pressure exercises and techniques for public speaking. You should bring a fresh notebook and plenty of pencils and pens.

Writers will start at their own levels and no experience is necessary. Each session is designed to challenge and inspire students in an atmosphere of encouragement and inclusion. Constantine has worked for years to develop a unique teaching style which both empowers new voices and allows seasoned writers to flourish. Sufferers of ‘Writer’s Block’ are strongly encouraged!

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Laptop (optional)

A day in the workshop will include writing, reading, discussion, critique, and a lot of support. Students develop close-reading skills as they examine a variety of styles and approaches to writing. They’ll also develop their most promising pieces and workshop them with their classmates, receiving thorough feedback from peers and the teacher. 

Students should expect to write every day and maintain focus. There will also be plenty ‘down time’ for cultivating new ideas and community.

10 – 13

July 2 – July 15, 2023
Two week session

Student Reading
Saturday July 15, 2023
Time and location TBD

Tuition, Room and Board

Day Student Tuition

Lab Fee

Health & Safety Fee

Enrollment Capacity
10 students
Total capacity includes Day and Residential Students

Brendan Constantine

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