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An Image is a Story

picture of a buffalo in black and white

This week-long class will explore various visual storytelling techniques through the medium of digital photography. Students will explore the elements of storytelling and draw inspiration from personal experiences, family histories, and the power of the natural world.

We will learn foundational photography techniques such as aperture, exposure, and composition. As a feature of the class, a majority of the class time will be spent outdoors studying natural lighting techniques. Students will also practice post-production processes to refine their edit and generate a final narrative photography project. Digital DSLRS or mirrorless cameras are highly recommended. All levels are welcome, and open to ages 10+.

Nia MacKnight highlights the power of the spirit within times of social unrest through her monochromatic imagery.

Her approach to visual storytelling is informed by the raw beauty of realism, formal elements of poetry, and the rhythm of instinctual knowledge. MacKnight explores topics such as urban Indigeneity, experiences of the maternal, and the kinship between humans and non-human beings within the natural world. Her commissioned work has been featured in The New York Times, National Public Radio, Al Jazeera, High Country News and Environmental Health News.

MacKnight has been a Photo-Educator for six years, and has taught Photography workshops across the world. She studied Photography at San Francisco Art Institute, holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from California State University Dominguez Hills, and a Master’s in Social and Cultural Analysis in Education from California State University, Long Beach.

Instagram: @nia.macknight 

Faculty: Nia MacKnight

Dates: June 26- June 30, 2023

Tuition: $ 740

Tuition, room and board:
$ 1,470

Lab Fee: $35, includes memory card, memory card reader, flash drive.

Skill Level: All levels

Enrollment limited to 12 students

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