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Fiction Intensive: Make it Memorable

Expand your awareness of your craft as a storyteller. “To make it memorable” is both the goal of each narrator in a story and the yearning of the writer who chooses the words. Savor the creative use of language and explore your insatiable desire to learn more about how to make your stories convincing. In this class you will generate new stories or chapters, honing your skills as you develop a greater understanding of the elements of craft, and you will receive feedback from the instructor and your peers as you revise. Plan on producing at least 500 words a day as you write and revise your work.

These art camp classes meet at least five hours per day, Monday through Friday, with a shorter meeting on Saturday. Group discussions of work will be based on respect for the effort required to produce well-written imaginative stories.

Explore classical and contemporary texts, from popular to experimental approaches. Instructors will share their personal experiences of growing from an aspiring writer into a working artist.

Creative writing workshops are open admission. Instructors will work with your child at their level. Your child will improve and learn new skills, whether they are a beginner or have been a writer for years.

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Laptop (optional)

A day in the summer writing program consists of writing, reading, discussion time, and critiquing. Students develop close-reading skills as they examine a variety of stories in terms of craft, and continue to explore the elements of craft (such as characterization, plot, dialogue, and setting) through writing exercises. Students develop their most promising pieces into complete stories or chapters and workshop them with their classmates, receiving thorough feedback from peers and the teacher. Students then revise and polish these pieces and present their best work at the public reading at the end of the program. 

Students should be able to maintain focus and write at least 500 words a day. That said, the day is broken up by discussion time, reading time, and writing time, and groups tend to work in a few different places (the classroom, the library, outside).

Age: 14-18

July 3 – July 16, 2022
Two-week session

Student Reading
Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 10:00am

Tuition, room and board:

Day student tuition:

Lab Fee: $50

Enrollment limited to 10 students.
(Total capacity includes Residential and Day Students)

Kim Henderson

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