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Fashion Design
and Textile Art

If you love color and design, and want to learn more about sewing, embroidery, beading, textile art and upcycling, then this is the summer fashion camp for you! Come prepared to indulge yourself in creativity as you spend two weeks completely immersed in designing and creating various textile and upcycling projects.

You will learn hand stitching as well as how to use a sewing machine as you construct your designs. We will learn how to choose the fabrics that best suit your designs and cover sewing supplies, tools and machines to use in your projects.crayon wax painting. We will produce a fun fashion show for all students to wear their creative creations in and family/friends are certainly invited!

A sewing kit will be provided for you but please feel free to bring your own kits and supplies, tools you would like to learn how to use and any fabric or trims you want to use.

Fashion design workshops are open admission. Instructors will work with your child at their level. Your child will improve and learn new skills, whether they are a beginner or have been designing for years.

  • A variety of clothing that can be cut and re-worked into a design, ten pieces would be great (But Do Not Bring ten t-shirts!)
  • Woven garments are best for beginning sewing lessons rather than knit garments
  • Extra buttons, beads, broken jewelry, lace scraps, extra fabric scraps you would like to use.
  • Old hats, scarves, gloves, boots etc. can also be incorporated into your total look

Christine Walters comes from a Mid-western theatre background. She has been in the theatre arts scene in Southern California for the last eleven years. She has built her career by attending major universities with emphasis on theater arts studies and has worked continually in the theater community around Los Angeles. Christine has a BA in fashion design from Washington State University, a MA in musical theatre from Oklahoma State University and an MFA from California State University, Fullerton, in costume design. She has taught for many years on the college and high school levels and continues to work for Chaffey College, Mt. San Jacinto College and is the resident costume designer for the opera workshop at CSUF. Christine believes in bringing back to the class room “real life” theatre experience to share with students so she has continued to pursue her professional design work. She has worked for major theatres such as the Santa Fe Opera, Tulsa Ballet Theatre, Pasadena Shakespeare Company and the Hollywood Bowl. She has worked for major directors such as Gordon Hunt and Michael Buttler (producer of HAIR) . She has also worked personally with actors such as Mr. Robert Goulet, John Schieder, Kristin Chenoweth and Christine Ebersole, to name a few. Christine also brings the love of being on stage herself to the costume shop. She has been singing since the age of six, is an accomplished pianist, violinist, trombonest and actress. She also enjoys painting, drawing and all types of craft work.

Kathryn Hagen is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and the author of Portfolio for Fashion Designers. She taught portfolio development for two decades at Otis College and also as Fashion Chair at Woodbury University. She has spent many years exploring fashion culture and its relationship to fine art. As she also maintains a practice as a fine artist, Kathryn is uniquely suited to shepherd young designers in developing strong portfolios that display both art and design talents.

Age: 10-13

July 2 – July 15, 2023
Two week session

Student Fashion Show
Friday, July 14 at 2pm

Tuition, Room and Board

Day Student Tuition

Lab Fee

Health & Safety Fee

Enrollment Capacity
10 students
Total capacity includes Residential and Day Students

Minnie Walters
Kathryn Hagen

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