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April 8 April 25 PDT

Each spring, Idyllwild Arts Academy presents a series of capstone exhibitions as the culminating experience for 12th grade and Post-Grad Visual Arts majors. Through nearly a full year of planning and creation students install refined, innovative and dynamic works across a variety of mediums that demonstrate the versatile nature of the arts program at Idyllwild Arts Academy–from painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, digital and graphic arts, ceramics and mixed media.  A rite of passage for Visual Artists, the senior exhibitions present truly groundbreaking conceptual and technical acumen as students transition from high schooler to emerging artists who are well-equipped to continue a profound creative journey in college and beyond.

For this second Senior Show of the school year, the students explore who they are on a deeper level, expressing the personal changes they have experienced through paintings, prints, sculptures, and ceramics. Looking through a kaleidoscope, colors glisten and shapes are repeated; yet, none of the patterns are the same. When you walk into this exhibition, you will find unique stories being told through a breath of mediums. When walking into the exhibition, treat it as if you’re looking through a kaleidoscope. There is a symmetry to this disparate collection. Inside a kaleidoscope, the colors never stop changing; the patterns never stop shifting.

Gallery viewing hours will be from 10:00am – 5:00pm.

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A student modeling.

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